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Latin American steel industry seeks 'win-win' cooperation with China


Fashion show highlights environmental protection


Rogues to riches


More go abroad for healthcare


Promoting old Italian recipes


Performers receive support from tourists, government


Barbara Hulanicki to return to Biba label

World Internet Conference

Drug abuse blamed for big increase in violence

Rampant smuggling of synthetic drugs such as methamphetamine from Southeast Asia has led to more violent crimes nationwide in China.

A commuter's last train

Stock Connect unites HK, Shanghai

Although the much-anticipated Shanghai Hong Kong Stock Connect program did not start with a bang on Monday, stock analysts in both cities have remained upbeat.

Air force plans to modify pilot selection process

The People's Liberation Army air force will upgrade its pilot selection procedure, adding individual psychological tests and flight simulation to the country's strictest recruitment process.

Koalas steal the show at G20 in Brisbane

Australia’s cutest animal stole much of the limelight at the G20 summit over the weekend in subtropical Brisbane, when the host country launched a behind-the-scenes diplomatic offensive.

Xi, Obama meeting: a lively history lesson

People's Daily revealed more details about the Xi-Obama meeting in Zhongnanhai.

Odd news on world's biggest online shopping day

The world's biggest online shopping day on Nov 11 has ended with record sales. But the story did not end with the passing of the day, instead the new and interesting stories related to the day are still pouring out.

Country pushes for code at South China Sea

China will push for the implementation of a code of conduct for the South China Sea - a document that will lessen the risk of escalating tensions in the area-but experts said such an agreement faces obstacles.

'Running Naked Boy', now 6, crosses Lop Nur desert

He Yide, who was recognized by Guinness World Records in 2013 as the youngest person in the world to pilot a plane, is in the news again.

Road map for promoting the rule of law

The Fourth Plenum of the 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee held Oct 20 to 23 in Beijing clarified a roadmap to "the socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics".

Remembering fellow heroes

Researchers help shed new light on precious parts of shared WWII history between China and US allies.

China, Pacific island nations boost ties

China and eight Pacific island countries agreed in Nadi, Fiji on Saturday to establish a strategic partnership featuring mutual respect and common development.

Media reveals aircraft carrier base spying case

A Chinese man who had been arrested for taking photos of an aircraft carrier base and selling them to a foreign spy is awaiting trial, CCTV reports.

China's interest rates cut to bolster growth

China has cut benchmark interest rates for the first time since July 2012 in an effort to prop up growth as the economy continues to slow.

Kekexili applies for world heritage

China's remote western Kekexili nature reserve has started work on an application for world natural heritage status, says the local government.

Chinese Community Leaders

Samuel Mok: A true leader 'by reference'

China Hands

Penetrating China's remote interior
  • A long resume and early ties with China

    Nathaniel Ahrens has a long resume for a 40-year-old, covering more than a dozen companies and institutions in the business and academic world, all related to China.

  • Levine finds joy working on US-China ties

    When Henry Levine went home in New York suburbs during the Christmas vacation in 1971, the Bucknell University senior had a chat with his high school pal Jeff Shultz, then a senior at Cornell University. They talked about what they were going to do after graduating from college.


The visa 'game-changer'
  • Cookstove technology key in fighting pollution

    Fuel sources such as biomass, coal and wood are relied on by nearly 3 billion people a day for cooking and heating purposes.

  • Chinese supercomputer still top-ranked

    Tianhe-2, a supercomputer developed by China's National University of Defense Technology, was named the world's top supercomputer for the fourth consecutive time by the TOP500 organization.

  • Visa change pleases students

    Wang Zixuan, a 22-year-old PhD candidate in clinical psychology at George Washington University, was at the university's library when she learned about the announcement of the new visa policy between China and the US.


Lantern festival coming to California


Kids' underwater fun


Zou holds key to $1 billion bonanza
  • Federer set to face France in Davis Cup final

    Switzerland's Roger Federer, who has been hampered by back problems, has been named to play in the second singles rubber of the Davis Cup final against France's Gael Monfils on Friday.

  • Vettel replaces Alonso at Ferrari

    In a widely expected shake-up, four-time Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel will replace two-time champion Fernando Alonso at Ferrari next season.

West vs. Russia
  • Stop violations from tying traffic up

    A set of photographs showing a foreigner stopping a car driving in a bicycle lane in Beijing and asking the driver to leave the lane has gone viral on the Internet, drawing positive comments from netizens.

  • Abe's 'three arrows' miss targets

    Japan has to look beyond the failed Abenomics and carry out structural reforms to revive the country's economic health.

  • A tough task to cap emissions by around 2030

    Now that China has signed a landmark deal with the United States setting targets for carbon emissions out to 2030, it should plan the trajectory of its low-carbon path for the next 16 years.


Reliving Haikou's glory days
  • Town that always says Ganbei!

    Moutai Town, a hamlet in the north of Guizhou province, is nestled in a deep valley surrounded by three mountains, with the Chishui River running through it. It has since time immemorial been a natural cellar for the production of baijiu, or Chinese white spirits.

  • The life of nuns traveling on foot

    Daoyuan Temple in Haicheng, Liaoning province, has strict and explicit discipline. All the nuns obey the rule of never touching or saving money. Now, 35 of them are participating in foot travel.

  • Visa changes for Chinese visitors unlock opportunities

    New Zealand's tourism industry is set to get a boost under visa changes that make it easier for Chinese to travel to and work in the country.