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College football touches down in China
  • Alibaba joins global shipping effort

    A new logistic platform jointly established by China Shipping Group and Alibaba will enhance the efficiency of international trade and both Chinese and Brazilian companies will benefit when it's fully operational, experts said.

  • Brazil needs its own version of China Dream, expert says

    Brazil's emergence as one of the leading Latin American economies has taken place in tandem with rapid growth in China over the last decade, a sign of the growing link between the two emerging markets.


International Shaolin Kungfu Festival kicks off in China
  • Key talks on rule of law get underway

    Top Party officials began a landmark meeting on Monday focusing on the rule of law. They will deliberate on a draft decision covering "major issues concerning comprehensively advancing the rule of law", sources close to the meeting said.

  • Drunken driving crashes, injuries declining

    After drunken driving was made a crime in 2011, the number of traffic accidents caused by driving under the influence of alcohol has been reduced by 25 percent, with casualties down nearly 40 percent.

  • Australia to help in returning fugitives

    Police in Australia and China are to cooperate on the extradition of Chinese economic fugitives, including many corrupt officials, the Ministry of Public Security said on Monday.


Property oversupply to be digested within 2 years
  • Game on for a healthy sports industry

    China issued a national plan for the development of its fast-growing sports industry, encouraging more companies in the field to go public and attract foreign investment.

  • Internet culture expo opens in Beijing

    The 12th China International Digital Content Expo, which is themed "Internet integrates the world, Animation decorates the future", opened at the Beijing Exhibition Center on Oct 17, 2014.

  • China likely to ease sales tax on existing homes

    Chinese authorities are likely to relax the sales tax on existing homes, the Beijing-based China Securities Journal reported on Monday in a front-page story.


Shanghai Mode Lingerie Exhibition


Harvest season comes in China's Tibet
  • Tracing the origins of rice

    This is the neighborhood where Chinese farmers tended the first paddy fields, and respect for rice is still very much ingrained in local culinary traditions.

  • Art on a plate

    Don't ask the staff members at Museo why the deep fried Camembert is called Mona Lisa's smile, You will struggle to get a straight answer.

  • 2014 World's Best Bars announced

    London has claimed the best city in The World's 50 Best Bars Awards for 2014.


Grand National dress code upsets followers of fashion


Miss Asia Pageant North America Final crowned

CPC Fourth Plenary Session

The CPC Central Committee, elected by the National Congress of the Communist Party of China, convenes at least one plenary session every year. The fourth session will be held this year.

Innovative Asia

Tourists set to travel light overseas

An increasing number of countries are modifying their visa-application procedures in the hope of attracting more visitors from China.

Cold comfort for former sex slaves

Poverty in China

Oct 17 marks China’s first Poverty Alleviation Day. We hope this special serves as a wake-up call for people to act together to fight extreme poverty.

Exams that baffle best test-takers

The Chinese are allegedly the best test-takers in the world, but still find some exams very difficult. Following are the hard exams most taken or talked about by Chinese.

From soldiers to farmers

A special force is celebrating its achievements in the tough environment of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, where it has built farms and homes, and maintained stability.

10 odd regulations in Chinese schools

A student in Chongqing was expelled from school for having an improper hairstyle, the Chongqing Evening News reported.

Premier Li visits Germany, Russia, Italy

Clouds of suspicion

KMT veterans recognized

More than 3,000 soldiers of China's Expeditionary Force are buried in the 13-acre plot of land.

Top 8 expenses during the National Day holiday

For Chinese, the National Day holiday is not only to celebrate the foundation of People's Republic of China, but also a shopping opportunity.

PBOC official gets ready 'to assume helm' at ABC

Liu Shiyu, a vice-governor of the People's Bank of China, has been appointed as Party secretary of Agricultural Bank of China Ltd, the nation's third-largest lender by assets.

China launches remote sensing satellite

A Long March-4C carrier rocket carrying the Yaogan-22 remote sensing satellite blasts off from the launch pad at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Taiyuan.

Treasured Chinese scroll may be missing from estate

A family dispute over the estate of a noted Chinese art collector has raised questions about an ancient Chinese hand scroll that is considered a national treasure in China and is apparently missing.

Step up the battle against HIV/AIDS, urges first lady

Efforts must be promoted in caring for those with the disease, in fighting discrimination, in giving patients access to medical care and in ensuring social justice, first lady Peng Liyuan said.

Chinese Community Leaders

David Chiu: On the move in California politics
  • From community activist to the political arena

    When Phil Gim and his family moved to New York in the 1960s, they lived in an apartment in Chinatown on East Broadway, next to the Manhattan Bridge.

  • Time to change US perception of China

    Zhang Xuming's goal as president of the China Enterprises Council (CEC) is to help Chinese businesses export their reputation for social responsibility to the US as well as their products, services and technology.

China Hands

Yale president-turned-Coursera CEO sees China soar
  • Richard Bush: US, China in the same boat

    Richard Bush was a young boy when he followed his missionary parents to Asia in 1950. They wanted to go to China but the border was closed.

  • A family business on US-China relations

    Melanie Hart, director of China Policy at the Center for American Progress (CAP), a think tank in Washington, feels mid-career scholars like her see US-China relations somewhat differently compared with the old generation.


Writer Lu Xun works honored in New York
  • College football touches down in China

    China got its first taste of American football this weekend as six teams vied for the China American Football League's inaugural CAFL University Championship.

  • China mayors tour Silicon Valley

    Chinese businesses can learn a lot from Silicon Valley, according to a delegation of Chinese local officials who visited California last week.

  • Asian-Americans aiming to make impact on Election Day

    Bay Area Asian Americans are rallying from neighborhoods to train stations in a final push before the Nov 4 general elections. Volunteers are knocking on doors, passing out candidate brochures and setting up voter registration booths, hopeful there will be a larger turnout of Asian-Americans voters this time around.


Zombies crawl in New York
  • US airdrops arms to Kurds in Syria

    The U.S. military said Sunday it had airdropped weapons, ammunition and medical supplies to Kurdish forces defending the Syrian city of Kobani against Islamic State militants.

  • China, US exchange views

    Discussions mainly focused on the two countries' preparations for Obama's visit early next month, when the president will also attend the informal leaders' meeting of the APEC in Beijing.

  • Writer Lu Xun's works honored in NY

    Lu Xun, one of the leading figures of modern Chinese literature, was honored in New York with performances by the Beijing Dance Theater at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.


Wonderful underwater world
  • Nigeria declared Ebola-free after containing virus

    The World Health Organisation declared Nigeria Ebola free on Monday after a 42 day period with no new cases, in a success story with lessons for countries still struggling to contain the deadly virus.

  • Yingluck attends Red Shirt leader's cremation

    Ratchanee Wiriyachai(left) widow of Apiwan Wiriyachaiat, and Yingluck Shinawatra, former Prime Minister of Thailand, at Apiwan Wiriyachai's cremation at Wat Bang Phai in Bang Bua Thong, a Bangkok suburb, Oct 19, 2014.

  • Nepal closes trekking route after 38 die

    Nepalese officials closed a section of a popular Himalayan trekking route Sunday after rescuers, overwhelmed with last week's snowstorms that killed at least 38 people, had to save new hikers who set out after the blizzards on the same deadly trails.


Game on for a healthy sports industry
  • College football touches down in China

    China got its first taste of American football this weekend as six teams vied for the China American Football League's inaugural CAFL University Championship.

  • Li Na: Enjoy life, not back to tennis

    World famous Chinese tennis player who retired from the sport said she misses her tennis friends 'off the court', and will not go back to play tennis.

Beijing marathon concludes in smog


Large amount of basalt columns seen in Hebei