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General aviation poised to grow in China
  • Chinese train manufacturer wins Massachusetts contract

    A Chinese train manufacturer was awarded a $566.6 million contract on Wednesday to build 284 subway cars for Boston's subway system.

  • Veep and CEO

    Vice-President Joe Biden shares a light moment with Fred Ryan Jr., the new publisher and CEO of The Washington Post, on Tuesday in Washington.


Bear skeleton sheds light on 2,800-year-old Chinese ritual
  • Netizens snapping up Palace souvenirs

    When the Palace Museum in Beijing released a series of creative and cultural souvenirs, they were quickly picked up by social media and generated intense interest online.

  • Clean air? Don't hold your breath

    Intense air pollution is expected to strike China's northern cities twice more before November.

  • Safeguarding foreigners' rights

    Changes to nation's criminal laws mean a greater number of foreign nationals are eligible for free legal aid when they go to court, as Zhang Yan reports from Lincang, Yunnan province.


Forbidden City's Taobao store hot on the Internet
  • Sino-Austrian collaboration to grow

    Austrian Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Reinhold Mitterlehner said China and Austria are to promote cooperation in renewable energy and environmental protection.

  • China's 2014 economic growth likely below 7.5%

    China's economic growth for the full year of 2014 may not reach 7.5 percent and is even possible to fall below 7.3 percent given its continued downward pressure.

  • Li upbeat despite economic slowdown

    China's economic growth slowed in the third quarter to its weakest pace in five and a half years, but Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday structural improvements can be seen.


Toronto Fashion Week Spring 2015 kicks off


Shulan in NE China presents boutique rice
  • Tracing the origins of rice

    This is the neighborhood where Chinese farmers tended the first paddy fields, and respect for rice is still very much ingrained in local culinary traditions.

  • Art on a plate

    Don't ask the staff members at Museo why the deep fried Camembert is called Mona Lisa's smile, You will struggle to get a straight answer.

  • 2014 World's Best Bars announced

    London has claimed the best city in The World's 50 Best Bars Awards for 2014.


Artist seeks 'xianhua' in his artwork
  • Peking Opera singer Mei Lanfang remembered in London

    A 120th anniversary celebration for the late Chinese opera singer Mei Lanfang was held on October 18, at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

  • Priceless Chinese scroll may be missing

    A family dispute over the estate of a noted Chinese art collector has raised questions about an ancient Chinese hand scroll that is considered a national treasure in China and is apparently missing.


New stills for 'The Hobbit 3'

CPC Fourth Plenary Session

The CPC Central Committee, elected by the National Congress of the Communist Party of China, convenes at least one plenary session every year. The fourth session will be held this year.

Innovative Asia

Tourists set to travel light overseas

An increasing number of countries are modifying their visa-application procedures in the hope of attracting more visitors from China.

Cold comfort for former sex slaves

Poverty in China

Oct 17 marks China’s first Poverty Alleviation Day. We hope this special serves as a wake-up call for people to act together to fight extreme poverty.

Exams that baffle best test-takers

The Chinese are allegedly the best test-takers in the world, but still find some exams very difficult. Following are the hard exams most taken or talked about by Chinese.

From soldiers to farmers

A special force is celebrating its achievements in the tough environment of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, where it has built farms and homes, and maintained stability.

10 odd regulations in Chinese schools

A student in Chongqing was expelled from school for having an improper hairstyle, the Chongqing Evening News reported.

Premier Li visits Germany, Russia, Italy

Clouds of suspicion

KMT veterans recognized

More than 3,000 soldiers of China's Expeditionary Force are buried in the 13-acre plot of land.

Top 8 expenses during the National Day holiday

For Chinese, the National Day holiday is not only to celebrate the foundation of People's Republic of China, but also a shopping opportunity.

Chinese train maker wins Massachusetts contract

A Chinese train manufacturer was awarded a $566.6 million contract on Wednesday to build 284 subway cars for Boston's subway system.

Ottawa police say male suspect in attack and soldier are dead

A man suspected of launching an armed attack in Ottawa has died, local police said on Wednesday and confirmed that a male soldier shot at the National War Memorial had also died.

Johnson & Johnson Plans Ebola Vaccine Testing

Johnson & Johnson will begin safety testing in early January on a vaccine combination that could protect people from a strain of the deadly Ebola virus.

China's space launch to pave the way for lunar probe

China will launch an experimental spacecraft between Friday and Sunday to test a key technology designed to help a future lunar probe return to Earth with soil samples.

Chinese Community Leaders

David Chiu: On the move in California politics
  • From community activist to the political arena

    When Phil Gim and his family moved to New York in the 1960s, they lived in an apartment in Chinatown on East Broadway, next to the Manhattan Bridge.

  • Time to change US perception of China

    Zhang Xuming's goal as president of the China Enterprises Council (CEC) is to help Chinese businesses export their reputation for social responsibility to the US as well as their products, services and technology.

China Hands

Yale president-turned-Coursera CEO sees China soar
  • Richard Bush: US, China in the same boat

    Richard Bush was a young boy when he followed his missionary parents to Asia in 1950. They wanted to go to China but the border was closed.

  • A family business on US-China relations

    Melanie Hart, director of China Policy at the Center for American Progress (CAP), a think tank in Washington, feels mid-career scholars like her see US-China relations somewhat differently compared with the old generation.


Chinese tourists get CA welcome
  • 100,000 Strong boosts Mandarin effort

    More and more American students may be studying Chinese, but the number of them studying abroad in China and developing the linguistic competencies to engage with Chinese people remains few, according to Dan Davidson, president of the American Councils for International Education.

  • General aviation is ready for takeoff

    Personal-aircraft sales and the general-aviation market in China are poised to grow as the country eases restrictions that have hampered the industry, according to aircraft manufacturers.

  • Book tells story of 'comfort women'

    The story of China's World War II-era "comfort women" should be told to help ease their historical pain, said the author of a new book on the subject in Washington on Tuesday.


Healthcare workers attend Ebola educational session in NY
  • Comedy impresario eyes humor to replace hatred

    It was last summer and Israeli-Palestinian tensions were at the highest they had been for some time when Jamie Masada hit on a formula for world peace - forget about guns and bombs, and just tell jokes to each other.

  • China, US partner to train Afghan diplomats

    A group of young Afghan diplomats began a two-week training session in Washington Monday as part of a joint program co-organized by the United States and China.

  • US issues new protocols for Ebola patients

    The United States issued stringent new protocols for health workers treating Ebola victims, directing medical teams to wear protective gear that leaves no skin or hair exposed when caring for patients infected with the virus.


Shooting locks down Canadian parliament, one suspect reported dead
  • Kate makes first public appearance after pregnancy

    The Duchess, also known as Kate, is pregnant with her second child and it is her first public appearance after the pregnancy.

  • American journalist free of Ebola

    An American video journalist being treated for Ebola is now free of the virus and will be released soon, the Omaha hospital where he is being treated said Tuesday.

  • DPRK releases American citizen

    The United States said on Tuesday that one of three Americans held by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has been released and was heading home.


Halep routs Serena Williams at WTA Finals
  • FIFA boss wants to see end-of-year Qatar Cup

    Holding the controversy-plagued 2022 World Cup finals in Qatar at the end of that year rather than the scorching summer is FIFA president Sepp Blatter's preferred option, he told French radio station France Info on Monday.

  • Somersault causes fatal spinal injury

    A 23-year-old Indian soccer player has died from severe spinal cord damage after attempting to celebrate a goal with a somersault, a regional official said on Monday.



Modern landscape of Zhengzhou's ancient heritage