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  • China urged to tap Canada's talent

    For most Chinese people, Canada is the country with abundant natural resources for trading, a clean environment for living, and an ideal destination for immigration.

  • Research center honors late translator

    A research center to commemorate Sidney Shapiro, a famed writer and translator who came to China from the United States during the 1940s, was recently established at China International Publishing Group, (CIPG).


Students sit for artistic future


China's first 'bullet train ambulance' unveiled


Take a seat in a rarified world


Hotpot with a twist


Private life and growing public acceptance


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Jack Ma's bodyguard: master of tai chi

With an average height and plain looks, Li Tianjin does not impress at the first sight, but he has an eye-catching role: he is the bodyguard of Jack Ma.

Pilot in deadly China crash appeals prison term

A pilot serving a three-year prison sentence for a 2010 jet crash that killed 44 people has appealed the court's ruling.

Two arrested in cash spill case in HK

Two people were arrested in Hong Kong on Thursday on suspicion of theft for not returning the cash that fell out of an armor van on Christmas Eve.

Suspects nabbed in China "AIDS demolition team" scandal

Police in a central Chinese city have arrested major suspects in connection with an "AIDS demolition team", whose members reportedly claim to be AIDS patients and threaten to infect people who refuse to move out of their houses.

Yearender: What happened around the globe in 2014

The world in the past year suffered panic and terror the like of which looks set to continue with war and adversity seemingly around every corner.

Boy with HIV assured of care, education

China's health authority has pledged to assure Kun Kun the right to medical treatment, a living allowance and a school education.

The turning of the year

he winter solstice, which marks the shortest day and the longest night, is a time of celebration as the seasons change and winter begins to ebb.

15th anniversary of Macao SAR

Macao SAR celebrates its 15th anniversary of return to the motherland on Dec 20.

Wish Box opens new ways to warm the world

China Daily launches Web app by which potential donors will be put in direct contact with nomadic children in Qinghai province's Yushu prefecture.

PLA submariners defy death in the depths

For Senior Captain Wang Hongli and his crew, reacting fast enough in their submarine in the abyss of the ocean is a matter of life and death.

Beijing wins central approval for new international airport

Government approves plan for a new airport in Beijing that will enable the capital to handle 72 million more passengers each year.

China's Xi receives highest rating among world leaders

Chinese President Xi Jinping was the highest rated world leader in many fields, according to a survey published by Harvard Kennedy School's Ash Center.

Xi gives full backing to HK system

President Xi Jinping threw his support behind the development of Hong Kong's political system on Friday, shortly after the end of a monthslong illegal protest over election of the city's leader by universal suffrage in 2017.

Mega project brings water from south to Beijing

Water from a south China river flowed into Beijing on Saturday after a journey of over 1,200 kilometers along the South-to-North Water Diversion Project.

Famous Chinese singer detained over drug abuse

Popular Chinese singer Yin Xiangjie has been detained over drug use and illegal possession of drugs, the latest celebrity involved in drug offenses in China, said police on Saturday.

China urged to tap Canada's talent

For most Chinese people, Canada is the country with abundant natural resources for trading, a clean environment for living, and an ideal destination for immigration.

Chinese Community Leaders

Father's legal battle leads to helping immigrants

China Hands

Robert Daly: Many of his paths lead to China
  • Gary Locke: China hand extraordinaire

    He is a man of many firsts: the first Chinese-American US ambassador to China, the first Chinese-American Secretary of Commerce and the first Chinese-American governor of the State of Washington.

  • Building bridges from Michigan to China

    As Governor Rick Snyder wraps up another extended trip to China, Michigan continues to be a leader among US states in developing economic and cultural ties with China.


Research center honors late translator
  • A day with new consul general in San Francisco

    Chinese Consul General Luo Linquan in San Francisco took office on Dec 5. He is the 12th consul general in San Francisco. Previously, Luo was China's ambassador to Ireland and Greece. Prior to his two ambassadorships, he was head of the Protocol Department of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. What is a typical day like for Luo in San Francisco? We share with you some photos of a typical day for him. On some days, he will naturally be busier than this.

  • Chinese dancer joins Nutcracker

    Since 1988, the Houston Ballet has celebrated the holiday season with Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, with more than 1 million people attending over the past 27 years.

  • Florida lobsters find a market in China

    The US lobster trade with China is growing rapidly, especially for a species called the spiny lobster that is harvested in the Florida Keys.


George H.W. Bush spends Christmas in hospital
  • Obama lauds end of Afghanistan mission

    One week before the US combat mission in Afghanistan draws to a close, President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, thanked American troops on Thursday during a Christmas Day visit to Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kanoehe Bay.

  • Sony puts 'The Interview' on YouTube

    "The Interview" went straight to US consumers on Wednesday in an unprecedented online debut after hacker threats prevented its wide release on Christmas day.

  • Ebola outbreak not yet under control

    Despite progresses made in the fight against the ongoing Ebola outbreak that distresses large parts of West Africa as well as the rest of the world, the epidemic is yet to be put under control.


UN marks 10th anniversary of Indian Ocean tsunami


LeBron enjoys Christmas homecoming tour
  • Peyton has no plans to call it a day in Denver

    NFL fans and fantasy football owners debating Peyton Manning's prowess and problems can continue that discussion well into the new year.

  • Marbury plans to never leave China

    After a roller-coaster NBA career, Stephon Marbury has found peace in basketball-crazed China. The two-time all-star is thriving on the court with the Beijing Ducks while becoming one with his adopted hometown away from basketball.

Dim economic outlook
  • History can't be changed like Japan's statute

    With Shinzo Abe commencing his third term as Japan's prime minister, the year of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II will be pivotal.

  • Economy brings smile back to Greeks

    After six agonizing and painful years of recession, the Greek economy is about to bid adieu to negative growth.

  • Ruble concern not yet over

    It's too early to say Russia urgently needs China's assistance to tide over currency crisis as Russia is more adept at handling the rouble's depreciation than before.


Giant Moon Goddess snow sculpture to welcome skiers
  • World's most colorful landscapes

    Four locations in China, the Danxia Landform in Gansu, the rice terraces in Yunnan, the Luoping basin canola flowers blanket, the Red Beach in Panjin were included in CNN’s list of 15 of the world's most colorful landscapes published earlier this week.

  • Back to the beach

    Golden sands, aqua-park fun and a floating bar beckon on Thailand's Koh Samui Island. Nan-Hie In reports in Koh Samui, Thailand.

  • Winter Nadam kicks off in North China

    Nadam is a mass traditional Mongolian festival where people celebrate harvests and pray for good luck.