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Hong Kong Children's Symphony continues North American tour in Toronto
  • Congresswoman seeks a panda for NYC zoo

    It has been a 15-year pursuit for New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, and now she is going to China to try to make it a reality - a giant panda for the Big Apple.

  • Silicon Valley rally calls on Fox to fire Beckel

    More than 50 local politicians and community leaders joined a rally at city hall in San Jose, California, calling for Fox News to fire talk-show commentator Bob Beckel for what they said are racist remarks he made on his show earlier this month.


Productions resume in coastal provinces after dual typhoons


McDonald's Japan works on contingency plan
  • 'Right talent' in short supply

    Talent shortages and skills gaps have varied effects on companies: lower competitiveness, reduced innovation and creativity, and less ability to serve clients.

  • Chery to export 13,000 cars to Venezuela

    Chinese independent car maker Chery Automobile Co Ltd will export 13,000 cars to Venezuela after signing an agreement with the country's Ministry of Commerce.

  • East China city lifts home purchase limit

    The eastern Chinese city of Wenzhou on Tuesday became the latest city to lift home purchase restrictions to prop up the property market.


Don't you love me anymore?


Techno hub,gastro pub
  • Delectable illustrations of Europe

    Anna Keville Joyce has created charming illustrations of European cities. The food illustrator's latest project is based on cities she visited while living in Eastern Europe.

  • China vows zero tolerance for GM rice

    Chinese authorities have vowed zero tolerance and harsh punishments for illegal sales and growing of genetically modified (GM) crops days after media exposure of GM rice on sale at a supermarket in central China.

  • Geda Noodles

    Geda Noodles is a local snack of Shaanxi province. It is believed that Geda Noodles was invented by a worker named Li Shansi at a restaurant called Yuelai Restaurant in Sanyuan county, Shaanxi province.


Culture Insider: Imperial dresses worn by concubines in the Qing Dynasty


Karen Mok guests for Stefanie Sun's concert

Xi attends BRICS summit

China helps fight international war on drugs

Crackdown on terrorist attacks

While China is knitting an anti-terrorist security network, the nation still needs to prepare its people to fight the war on terror, thereby mobilizing its most powerful weapon.

My China Story: Meeting the master

Adventures can happen to you anywhere: when you are away from home, when you are walking on the street, or they can come with a curious encounter, in my case, for example.

Tongues tied around tatu-bola

Chinese soccer fans turn their attention to gathering facts about the mascot for the world's biggest soccer tournament, and some claim it is related to Chinese pangolin.

A market that's not such a hot property

A recent decline in housing prices is being exacerbated by tightened credit conditions and a surge in the supply of subsidized State housing.

Tough regime cranks out test winners

High school's intense training program yields many high-score students, but stifles creativity, report Hou Liqiang and Zhang Yu inHengshui, Hebei province

Some lab animals get reprieve from testing

China's cosmetics industry will enter uncharted waters at the end of June when the rules requiring live animal testing will be relaxed for certain products.

Racing to a new prosperity

When 20 vehicles set off on the first-ever Kolkata-to-Kunming car rally in 2013, the event wasn't simply a sporting contest, it was a harbinger of things to come.

Fishermen on the frontline of dispute

Rising tension in the South China Sea is having repercussions back on land, Peng Yining reports from Tanmen, Hainan province.

Turning Africa's resources into rewards

Richard Attias is an eternal optimist who believes Chinese entrepreneurs will play a big role in transforming Africa into an economic engine.

Long march to end employment bias

This special sheds light on employment discrimination in China, including how job ads specify gender and age preferences and recent discrimination cases in China.

Microsoft responds to anti-monopoly probe

Microsoft Corp's China unit said Wednesday it has always abided by laws and regulations in China and will "actively answer" questions raised in an anti-monopoly case.

NYS to attract more Chinese tourists

New York State wants more Chinese tourists to say — or sing — “I Love New York’’ as it seeks to tap into the more than $102 billion global Chinese tourism market.

Alibaba mulls Snapchat funding

China's e-commerce giant Alibaba Group is reportedly in talks to provide funding to US messaging company Snapchat, further adding to the Hangzhou-based company's string of investments in American companies leading up to its US IPO debut.

Ex-Panbassadors enjoy home

Tai Shan charmed millions while in a Washington DC zoo, but now he's one of many giant pandas born overseas that have been able to adapt to life in China.

Chinese Community Leaders

Gene Wu: Changing the stereotypes


4 charged in USC student's death
  • BYD's green bus in test ride

    BYD Company Ltd, a Chinese manufacturer of electric buses, demonstrated its zero-emissions electric bus with a test ride from Los Angles to its factory in Lancaster, California on Tuesday.

  • Philadelphia Orchestra continues China ties

    In 1973, the Philadelphia Orchestra was invited by then US President Richard Nixon to go to China following his historic trip there a year earlier. Its performance in front of a fully packed audience at Beijing's Cultural Palace of Nationalities was the first by an American orchestra since 1949 when the People's Republic of China was founded.

  • Congresswoman seeks a panda for NYC zoo

    It has been a 15-year pursuit for New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, and now she is going to China to try to make it a reality - a giant panda for the Big Apple.


Broken water main floods UCLA


Libyan warplane crashes in Benghazi
  • Khamenei accuses Israelis of 'genocide'

    Israel has committed "genocide" in the Gaza Strip, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday.

  • 'Significant' progress in Iran nuke talks

    The chief US negotiator in Iran nuclear talks on Tuesday cited "significant and steady" progress over the past six months, but would not say whether the negotiations would be further extended.

  • Foreign kids enjoy summer fun in DPRK

    After some on-the-spot guidance from DPRK leader Kim Jong-un and a major facelift, the Songdowon International Children's Camp reopened on Tuesday for this year's foreign campers.


252 pounds pole dancer swings with flexibility
  • Van Gaal delights in comparison with Fergie

    New coach Louis van Gaal has welcomed the challenge of trying to emulate the great Alex Ferguson at Manchester United and is confident his record of managing big clubs will stand him in good stead.

  • Bayern goes Green for US tour

    Julian Green has been touted as the new face of US soccer - but it is one few Americans recognize.

European sanctions over Russia
  • Caging top 'tiger' calls for deeper reform

    The news that Zhou Yongkang is now under investigation is of great importance not just for China, but also in a global context.

  • Ukraine peace hopes dwindle

    The downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has dealt a severe blow to the prospects of a resolution to the worsening crisis in Ukraine.

  • Indigenous software for phones needed

    Chinese government should provide preferential policies for Chinese companies that work to develop indigenous software for smartphones and come up with other innovative products.


Top 10 routes for a road trip in China