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Film explores urbanization’s mixed bag
  • Flooding risk inland: researchers

    China has the third-highest population in the world at risk of inland flooding due to climate change, according to new analysis from Washington-based World Resources Institute.

  • South Carolina picked for Chinese plant

    A Chinese company that manufactures above-ground storage tanks will locate its first US facility in northwest South Carolina.


Free trade zone action to speed up
  • Problem in Shanxi 'seems like cancer'

    The serious corruption in Shanxi seems like a cancer and the province should be insistent and persistent in its anti-graft drive.

  • Smog could be beaten in 10 years

    It might take China a decade to tackle its notorious smog problem, said Zhong Nanshan, a deputy of the National People's Congress and a renowned respiratory expert specializing in pandemics.

  • Revived temple fair has 600-year history

    With colorful oil lamps, prayers being sung for peace and prosperity and children being indulged with traditional Chinese cakes, the 600 year old Fushansuo Temple Fair brought local residents and visitors together from Tuesday until Sunday in the Shinan district of Qingdao.


Xiaomi to focus on its core businesses


Can you find invisible models?


Currying flavor south


Prince William visits Asian elephant park in SW China
  • Artists share their views

    The plenary sessions of the National People's Congress (NPC) and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) kicked off this week.

  • Rare pieces stolen from Chinese museum in France

    About 15 rare pieces of art have been stolen from the Chinese Museum of the Chateau de Fontainebleau, southeast of Paris.


Birdman to land at Beijing gathering

Annual legislative and political advisory sessions

The plenary sessions of the National People's Congress and the National Committee of the Chinese People' s Political Consultative Conference kick off.

Spring Festival trends reflect a changing China

Spring Festival is an annual celebration in China. This year's celebration, which lasts from Feb 18 to Feb 25, is marked by the following features.

Patent applications lead the world

China recorded 928,000 invention patent applications in 2014, of them about 663,000 inventions having high quality and market value.

BC lures Chinese tourists

As the Chinese Lunar New Year, which falls on Feb 19, draws close, the scramble to attract Chinese travelers is growing intense.

Festival Special: Apps that make holiday shopping easier

With the increase in sales of nianhuo, the special goods bought to celebrate the Spring Festival, the rising purchasing power of Chinese consumers is on full display.

Alibaba places China smartphone business bet with $590m Meizu deal

Alibaba is taking a $590 million stake in an obscure domestic smartphone maker.

China, US vow to deepen military relations

Vice chairman of China's Central Military Commission Fan Changlong met with Michael Vickers, visiting US under secretary of defense for intelligence.

Premier Li attends Davos Forum

China plans to withstand downward pressure and continue with its strategic focus in 2015, Premier Li Keqiang said at the Davos Forum.

Li Na expecting first baby

Reigning Australian Open champion Li Na and husband Jiang Shan are expecting their first child.

Star's marriage is 'bittersweet' news for fans

Liu Jiao and a bunch of her music-loving peers were "heartbroken" at the news that Chinese pop icon Jay Chou got married in Britain.

Chinese IPOs in the US in 2014

Tale of two cities

Tales from living nightmare of commuters' life in the 'city of beds'

Birthing centers mum after raid in California

"If you can pay, you can play." This is the pitch circulated in Chinese online "birth tourism" forums to encourage expectant mothers to get on airplanes and have their babies in the US.

4 Chinese students look to take 'risk'

Four Chinese students at the University of Chicago are representing the US Midwest in a global competition on risk management.

China likely to maintain 7% growth for 20 years

China has lowered its 2015 economic growth target to about 7 percent, a growth pace which analysts said could be maintained for 20 years.

China's top two train makers to merge

China's state assets watchdog has approved a proposed merger of the country's top two bullet train makers, but obstacles remain to be cleared, both companies said on Thursday evening.

Chinese Community Leaders

Yuhuang Chemical executes an ambitious plan


Michael Chow: A Life fit for a Hollywood script
  • Yuhuang Chemical executes an ambitious plan

    Yuhuang Chemical - a US subsidiary of Shangdong Yuhuang Chemical - started its venture in the US with an ambitious plan: build a $1.85 billion methanol complex on 1,200 acres of farm land in St James Parish, Louisiana. It's by far the largest green field investment in methanol by a Chinese company in the US.

  • 4 Chinese students look to take 'risk'

    Four Chinese students at the University of Chicago are representing the US Midwest in a global competition on risk management.


4 Chinese students look to take 'risk'


Snowstorm rages in eastern US
  • Harrison Ford injured in small-plane crash

    Actor Harrison Ford was seriously injured on Thursday in the crash of a small airplane on a Los Angeles golf course.

  • Boston bomber's lawyers admit guilt

    A lawyer for the accused Boston Marathon bomber said at the start of his trial that their client bore responsibility for the attacks that killed three people and injured 264 with a blunt admission: "It was him."

  • US House committee subpoenas Clinton emails

    A House of Representatives committee has issued subpoenas for the emails of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who used a private account exclusively for official business when she was secretary of state.


One year later: Benefits from the search for MH370
  • Hugo Chavez legacy lives on in Venezuela

    Two years after the untimely death of Venezuela's reformist President Hugo Chavez, his vibrant voice and strong anti-imperialist views continue to resonate in a deeply divided society struggling with economic woes.

  • ROK prosecutors to probe US envoy attack

    Prosecutors of the Republic of Korea (ROK) has formed a special team to probe into the attack against the US ambassador after police raided the home and office of the assailant.

  • Floods displace over 2,000 in Brazil

    More than 2,000 people have been left homeless along the Bolivian-Brazilian border where incessant rains have flooded the area and caused the Acre and Tahuamanu Rivers to burst their banks.


Prince William loves playing soccer
  • Fosun may bid on Brooklyn Nets

    China's Fosun Group has expressed interest in buying the National Basketball Association's Brooklyn Nets, and the price tag could be near $2 billion, according to a published report.

  • When will China bid for World Cup

    For hundreds of millions of Chinese soccer fans including President Xi Jinping, hosting a World Cup is the most common wish. But a consensus is yet to be reached on when to lodge a bid.

White and Black


Living amid the mountains
  • Tapping on beauty

    The Tajiks are the principal ethnic group of Tajikistan and northern and western Afghanistan. In China, they are the main ethnic group of Tashkurgan county, the only Tajik autonomous county in the country. Apart from Tajiks, Uygur, Han, Kirgyz and 11 other ethnic groups reside in the county with a population of 39,000, of which 80.9 percent are Tajiks who are predominantly Muslim.

  • Bye Traders, and hello Hotel Jen!

    After serving Beijing for 25 years, well-established Traders Hotel Upper East Beijing moves on today as Hotel Jen to better suit the growing needs of the younger generation.

  • Beijing's Palace Museum unveils display schedule

    Beijing's Palace Museum in the Forbidden City recently announced Along the River During the Qingming Festival will return to public view as part of its celebrations marking its 90 years in operation.