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Chicken market gets a boost
  • Microsoft 'not fully open with sales data'

    A Chinese antitrust regulator said on Tuesday that Microsoft Corp has not been fully transparent with its sales data on the software it distributes in China, including information on sales of its media player and web browser software.

  • Director turns 'green' making film

    A film that tells the story of the first major grassroots environmental movement in China was shown in San Francisco on Tuesday.


Amazing air show dazzles spectators in NE China
  • Health insurance gets approval

    The government provides basic health insurance to reimburse some of the medical costs of unemployed urban residents and children in urban areas.

  • Tuhao joins a wealth of modern words

    The Chinese word tuhao, a popular expression used by netizens to refer to people with great wealth who spend money freely, has been included in a newly revised dictionary, triggering controversy among language experts.

  • Zhou's case still under investigation

    The Supreme People's Court said on Wednesday that the case involving the country's former security chief, Zhou Yongkang, has not yet entered legal proceedings.


Microsoft CEO to visit China amid antitrust probe - source
  • Foreign-funded hospitals allowed in China

    China is to allow foreign investors to wholly own hospitals in seven cities and provinces, further opening up the fast-growing private hospital sector.

  • Alibaba revenue accelerates ahead of IPO

    Strong gains in its mobile business provide investors with what may be the final glimpse of the Chinese e-commerce company's financials before its expected landmark market debut.

  • Youku, Alibaba plan ad service

    What might happen when China's largest online-retail company and the country's equivalent of YouTube Inc team up?


The Beijinger's 2014 Burger Cup


Hangzhou dishes: To die for


Chinese paintings about Mid-Autumn Festival
  • China's 'comfort women' in new book

    Photographer Chen Qinggang has been looking for survivors among China's "comfort women" who were forced into sex slavery by the occupational Japanese troops during World War II.

  • Photograph Exhibition of Embassy in Lebanon held

    The first session of Photograph Exhibition of Embassy in Lebanon was held by the embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Lebanon recently. Eighty photos were on display at the exhibition.


71st Venice Film Festival opens

Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games

Leading leaden lives

Cheng Xiaomin is 20, but she is only a bit taller than an average 8-year-old.

Former security chief under probe

China helps fight international war on drugs

Crackdown on terrorist attacks

While China is knitting an anti-terrorist security network, the nation still needs to prepare its people to fight the war on terror, thereby mobilizing its most powerful weapon.

My China Story: Meeting the master

Adventures can happen to you anywhere: when you are away from home, when you are walking on the street, or they can come with a curious encounter, in my case, for example.

Tongues tied around tatu-bola

Chinese soccer fans turn their attention to gathering facts about the mascot for the world's biggest soccer tournament, and some claim it is related to Chinese pangolin.

A market that's not such a hot property

A recent decline in housing prices is being exacerbated by tightened credit conditions and a surge in the supply of subsidized State housing.

Tough regime cranks out test winners

High school's intense training program yields many high-score students, but stifles creativity, report Hou Liqiang and Zhang Yu inHengshui, Hebei province

Some lab animals get reprieve from testing

China's cosmetics industry will enter uncharted waters at the end of June when the rules requiring live animal testing will be relaxed for certain products.

Racing to a new prosperity

When 20 vehicles set off on the first-ever Kolkata-to-Kunming car rally in 2013, the event wasn't simply a sporting contest, it was a harbinger of things to come.

Fishermen on the frontline of dispute

Rising tension in the South China Sea is having repercussions back on land, Peng Yining reports from Tanmen, Hainan province.

US, China to parley on extradition of criminals

An anti-corruption and transparency mechanism being worked on by 21 APEC economies, might lead to the ultimate extradition of more corrupt Chinese officials from the US and other countries.

US rice could see potential market in China

A few years ago no one would have even considered exporting rice to China, but growers, exporters and international trade organizations in the US are starting to come around to the idea.

EB-5 visa ceiling is short-term, expert says

The US may have run out of EB-5 visas for Chinese applicants for the first time ever, but experts say it should have little effect on those wanting to apply.

China and US in talks on code of conduct

China and the United States will hold a working group meeting this week to discuss a military security code of conduct covering international waters and airspace, the Ministry of National Defense told China Daily.

Chinese Community Leaders

Kenneth Li: Bringing many voices together
  • 'Wooing' Asian Americans into politics

    By 2025, Asian Americans are projected to be 18 percent of California's population and comprise more than 12 percent of registered voters, according to a survey by the California League of Conservation Voters.

  • Dong Xudong: No longer a 'headless fly'

    It took a wall coming down and feeling like a "headless fly" for Dong Xudong to learn how local politics work.


China and US in talks on code of conduct
  • Western Union sees growth in tuition services

    Chinese students make up the largest portion of international students in US colleges and Western Union is seeing more and more of the overseas scholars use its services to get their tuitions paid from back home.

  • California's parents urge more Chinese in mid-school

    Six Palo Alto, California, parents spoke to the Board of Education during a public comment session to urge the board to expand a Mandarin immersion program to the middle school level.

  • Though well-intentioned, ice bucket challenge is all wet

    Public agencies in China should hit the brakes fast and hard to stop the Ice Bucket Challenge, a viral campaign aimed at raising public awareness of (and donations for) the rare neurological disorder amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS) - better known as Lou Gehrig's disease - even if it is intended for a good cause.


US, China seek common ground on extradition of criminals
  • US rice could see potential market in China

    A few years ago no one would have even considered exporting rice to China, but growers, exporters and international trade organizations in the US are starting to come around to the idea.

  • 9-year-old girl kills instructor

    A 9-year-old girl vacationing with her family accidentally shot and killed an instructor at a shooting range, authorities said.

  • Alibaba IPO has Wall St 'eagerly' waiting

    Perhaps its brand already has had an impact in the US and globally, but China's e-commerce giant Alibaba Group will certainly deepen it even further when it lists on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) - reportedly - sometime after Labor Day next month.


DPRK celebrates Youth Day in Pyongyang


Peng Shuai upsets fourth-seeded Radwanska at US Open
  • US Open day 3: Big day for Peng Shuai and China

    Defending champions Guangzhou Evergrande were knocked out of the AFC Champions League by Western Sydney Wanderers on away goals despite beating the fledgling Australian outfit 2-1 in Wednesday's quarterfinal second leg in China.

  • Woods splits with coach Foley

    Woods said on his website on Monday he will no longer work with Foley, the Canadian whom he hired when his game was at its low point following the upheaval of his marriage.

Peace talks
  • Vietnam signals good will

    The guarded optimism Beijing has displayed over Le's visit reflects the prevailing suspicion that Hanoi's positive tune may easily reverse at any time.

  • Hong Kong's political realities

    Local people have publicly rejected 'Occupy Central' and they have warned troublemakers not to do anything that will hurt the SAR.

  • Real challenge is beyond ice buckets

    The campaign has drawn the attention of wide spectrum of people and even raised donations for research into a degenerative disease.


Inner Mongolian road trip