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  • US Commerce chief vows trade growth

    United States Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker said Thursday that the United States is committed to the Asia-Pacific region and "rebalancing" toward the region will remain a cornerstone" of US policy.

  • Landmark mayoral China mission

    In a move to draw investment and forge connections with Chinese entrepreneurs and officials, the mayors of Menlo Park and Union City, California, announced plans for a landmark joint trip to China on Thursday.


Fatal obesity case sets the alarm bells ringing
  • Survey: Chengguan remain unpopular

    The public's degree of satisfaction with urban management, known as chengguan, remains low in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, this year, a recent survey indicates.

  • China cancels 14,455 press cards

    Chinese press authorities said that 14,455 press cards have been canceled in national crackdowns on bogus journalists since the start of 2013.

  • 133 could face prostitution charges

    A total of 133 people suspected of being involved in the prostitution business at a nightclub in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province, have been transferred to prosecutors.


Car brands represent status, stereotypes in China
  • Expo to revive ancient Silk Road trade

    An international logistics expo will be held in Lianyungang city in East China's Jiangsu province to boost trade and investment along the Silk Road economic belt and the 21st-century maritime Silk Road, said Vice Mayor Cao Yonglin.

  • Shandong Airlines to buy 50 Boeing planes

    China's Shandong Airlines signed a contract on Monday with the US based Boeing Company to buy 50 Boeing 737 passenger airplanes.

  • Car stereo maker eyes bigger China share

    US audio company Harman, known for providing car stereos for BMW, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz, said it has finalized agreements with Chinese automakers Geely and Chang'An.


Celebrities show up at Dior runway show
  • The tangled web of cultural niceties

    A few years ago when I was traveling across the Pacific Ocean on a United Airlines flight, I was thrown into the perfect storm of cultural collisions.

  • Chiung Yao slams copycat writer

    Taiwan novelist and screenwriter Chiung Yao claims screenwriter Yu Zheng from Chinese mainland plagiarizes one of her works.

  • New push to take care of stray pets

    A giant dog and a cat flanked the sidewalk of Beijing's Shimao International Shopping Center on Saturday afternoon. The enormous stuffed animals were not an invasion but an effort to raise awareness about stray animals.


Sugar series by Emily Blincoe


Rare duplicate of Chinese classic opens to public
  • Zhuang drama art week opens

    People of Zhuang ethnic group perform a musical dance during the opening of the Zhuang drama art week in Tianlin county, South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region,

  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez and China

    Gabriel Garcia Marquez was probably the most-read contemporary foreign writer in China for more than three decades.


Ann Hui has mixed feelings about 'Golden Era'

Beijing integrates with Tianjin, Hebei

Beijing has launched an initiative to integrate with neighboring Tianjin municipality and Hebei province.

Enemies share eternity together

Burial site in Jiangsu province holds the bodies of 73 Chinese and 13 Japanese soldiers killed in 1942, the only known cemetary of its kind in China.

Expats flee big, smoggy cities

As pollution lowers quality of life for many foreigners, smaller or coastal cities are becoming a magnet thanks to a good environment, reports Zhang Yuchen

Life after an only child dies

Project explores ways to provide care and support for parents whose child has predeceased them.

Parents put kindergartens to the test

Nomads change for education

Answering the call to prayer

President Xi visits western Europe

'Model husband' shatters image of love

Reforms set to boost NGOs

New rules relating to registration and donations are expected to see social organizations play a greater role in the provision of services.

Malaysia Airlines plane 'ended' in sea

A Malaysia Airlines jetliner disappeared on March 8, about an hour into its flight from Kuala Lumpur.

Sex education for children in China

This special coverage sheds light on sex education in China and how other countries' experiences might be helpful to China's practice.

Everyone's a winner in Boston Marathon

For 29-year-old Beijing native Jia Xiaomeng, passing through that finish line in the Monday Boston marathon was a dream come true. That dream began to take shape a year ago when she was just 500 meters from the finish line and the deadly bombings happened.

Doubt clouds Obama's trip

Most disappointing is the likelihood of Obama being unable to convince Abe to adopt a more measured approach toward sensitive issues.

Pact to reduce sea conflicts

More than 20 countries from the Pacific region unanimously approved a landmark maritime agreement on Tuesday to reduce the chances of miscommunication or the potential for situations to arise that could lead to conflict in busy sea lanes.

Chinese biz schools to lure CEOs

China's business schools are brainstorming for ideas to lure Chinese entrepreneurs into their classrooms.

Chinese Community Leaders

Debbie Liu: Encouraging others to serve
  • Hsing Kung: Giving to community has rewards

    On March 17, the City of Cupertino honored Kung as Citizen of the Year for his community service and also for serving as president of the Cupertino Rotary Club in 2013.

  • Steven Lewis: A career of studying China

    Because of his extensive knowledge of China, Steven Lewis, the C.V. Starr Transnational China Fellow at Rice University's Bake Institute, has been invited before Congress numerous times to help lawmakers better understand China.


Top 10 Chinese Internet firms eyeing IPOs in US
  • BlackRock to invest further in China

    Chinese authorities have given the world's biggest asset manager, BlackRock Inc, a renminbi qualified foreign institutional investor license, which means the firm can invest directly on the mainland using offshore yuan.

  • Sellers make clear profits on Google Glass

    As Google's Android operating system enters China's smartphone market, its second-generation Google Glass is attracting interest from Chinese consumers.

  • China advised to curb credit growth

    China should move to rein in a record expansion of lending that endangers the financial system, even if growth slows, an International Monetary Fund official said.


Obamas host White House Easter Egg Roll
  • Final phase of BP spill trial set for 2015

    A US federal court on Monday laid out a detailed schedule for the final phase of British oil giant BP's civil trial over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, setting the first day of the key chapter for Jan 20, 2015.

  • Kerry urges Russia's help on Ukraine deal

    US Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday urged Russia to "take concrete steps" to help implement the agreement aimed at defusing tensions in Ukraine.

  • 'Capt. America' tops box office for 3rd week

    "Captain America" continues to vanquish box office foes, triumphing in ticket sales for the third straight week and dominating over Johnny Depp's new movie.


William and Kate visit Australia's indigenous academy
  • Oil prices rise on Ukraine worries

    Crude prices rise slightly amid escalated conflict in eastern Ukraine, as tensions get worse after a Sunday shooting in eastern Ukraine left at lease three people dead.

  • Death count in ferry sinking tops 100

    Death toll in a South Korean ferry sinking accident surged to 104 on Tuesday morning as 17 bodies were pulled out of the submerged vessel during overnight search operations.

  • S Korean ferry's captain under probe

    South Korean coast guard said it was investigating whether the capsized ferry's captain was one of the first ones off the sinking ship.


Thousands run first Boston Marathon since bombings
  • Manchester United sacks manager Moyes

    David Moyes, who has only been in charge of Manchester United since July, paid the price for a hugely disappointing season on Tuesday when it was announced that he has left the club.

  • Valcke in World Cup stadium visit

    FIFA secretary-general Jerome Valcke will this week increase pressure on Brazil's World Cup organizers by visiting three stadiums that are yet to be ready for football's signature event.

Peace or militarism
  • Obama's Japan visit unlikely to be fruitful

    Most disappointing is the likelihood of Obama being unable to convince Abe to adopt a more measured approach toward sensitive issues.

  • US should not be led astray

    What messages the US president conveys on this trip will hopefully display the forethought and foresight necessary, because both the Asia-Pacific and US "pivot" to the region stand at a critical crossroads.

  • Quality matters in US-Japan ties

    To maintain security, one usually has only two options. The first is to strengthen oneself, and the second is to look for powerful partners to maintain a stronger position vis-a-vis others.


Singapore hospitality in Chengdu