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Chinese companies in US urged to learn employment laws
  • Multilingual services bills head to governor

    Passed by the California State Legislature, two bills that were authored by Phil Ting, California assembly member, would require government agencies and healthcare providers to provide multilingual services for limited English speakers.

  • Baidu speeds up online commerce

    After its release of a new offline-to-online toolkit named Zhida (Baidu Connect) on Sept 3 at its annual Baidu World event, Baidu's US Research and Development Center followed up by hosting its 2014 Summer Tech Day on Tuesday in Sunnyvale, California.


Life of ordinary Chinese people
  • Model filial son kept double life a secret

    Liu Ting, 28, was once declared a model son - a boy who had been taking good care of his sick mother, even carrying her on his back when he went to college.

  • Chinese group to weigh US middle schools

    A group of Chinese teachers and overseas study consultants will head to the United States on Sept 20 to collect more information for young Chinese students who would like to study in US secondary schools.

  • Foreign marriage registration to be decentralized

    The Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau announced on Wednesday that the foreign marriage registration authority will be decentralized to districts and county level marriage registration offices from Sept 25.


Wall Street positive on China's e-commerce
  • Apple CEO pushes privacy promise

    Apple CEO Tim Cook reaffirmed the company's data protection credo and took a swipe at Internet companies and direct advertising.

  • Japanese firms fined for antitrust violation

    Eleven Japanese companies have been fined for fixing electrical devices' prices, said the nation's antitrust regulator on Thursday.

  • Baidu speeds up online commerce

    After its release of a new offline-to-online toolkit named Zhida (Baidu Connect) on Sept 3 at its annual Baidu World event, Baidu's US Research and Development Center followed up by hosting its 2014 Summer Tech Day on Tuesday in Sunnyvale, California.


Purse Strings


The warming foods of autumn
  • A gilded prophet comes home

    It is probably one of the best-known Chinese restaurants in the United States, possibly Europe, and now it is finally in Shanghai. Pauline D. Loh looks at how this "overseas Chinese" performs in the motherland.

  • An abundance of riches

    Shanghai food has always been unabashedly heavy, its flavors enhanced by generous applications of the kitchen trinity of oil, sugar and soy. Xu Junqian talks to a chef who claims he was born "dipped in soy".

  • No shoddy oil found on mainland so far

    No tainted oil from Taiwan has been found so far to have been imported to the mainland, authorities said on Wednesday, as the quality watchdog suspended the importation of all suspect products.


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Pop saves cinema

Top 10 cheapest new energy cars promoted in China

11th China-ASEAN Expo

Go Wuxi: Canal city in transition

Budding businesses of the digital age

Young Chinese entrepreneurs are tapping opportunities to realize their world-changing dreams as the Internet is breaking down the barriers.

Top 10 most used desktop instant messaging tools

Here is a look at the top 10 instant messaging tools used by Chinese netizens in July.

Top 8 executives who left western firms for Chinese companies

Premier Li attends Summer Davos forum

China's top business elites under 40

Business magazine Fortune's Chinese version has ranked top 40 business elites in China who are under 40.

Host of Japan's historic surrender

Young China - You've got talent

Swimming in Politics:the allure of Beidaihe

Quaint seaside city has punched above its weight in the political arena, hosting waves of national leaders and serving as the launch pad for key state policies.

President Xi visits Mongolia

Xi, Modi set friendly tone for visit

China and India highlighted their determination to boost ties in a whirlwind visit on Wednesday with not only key agreements but also relaxed protocol procedures, observers said, in an exceptional departure from tradition.

China refutes US hacking charges

China says hacking charges in a US Senate report were groundless, and urged the US side to stop such "irresponsible assaults and accusations".

Chinese naval chief debuts at Seapower forum

China is for the first time attending the International Seapower Symposium (ISS), a biennial gathering of the world's chiefs of navies held at the US Naval War College since 1969.

Security risks found in half of China's govt websites

A survey has found 1,367 of the 2,714 Chinese government websites, or 50.4 percent of the total, contained security vulnerabilities.

Chinese Community Leaders

Poy helps shape a country with leadership
  • Building a golden China-Hollywood bridge

    In Los Angeles, where it seems everybody is Hollywood connected, Bianca Chen has found her own way to do the film business.

  • GOP candidate a natural gas advocate

    Doug Lee is a Republican candidate for the New York State Assembly District 16 in Nassau County and he will try to unseat Democratic incumbent Michelle Schimel in November on a platform.

China Hands

A lifetime of keeping an eye on China
  • Economist eyes China's transformation

    Nicholas Lardy, one of the leading economists on China in the United States, has been very excited about the economic reform plans rolled out at the Third Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China last November.

  • Exchange program start was an accident

    "We started it from zero," said Thomas Fingar, one of the founders involved from the beginning in establishing academic exchange programs between China and the US.


Chinese naval chief debuts at Seapower forum


Obama reiterates no ground troops against IS


Scotland's road to independence referendum


Report says Li Na will retire on Friday in Wuhan
Alibaba's new journey
  • Sports diplomacy may not work for ties

    But given its refusal to apologize for the past incidents, the DPRK's "sports diplomacy" in Incheon can only partly influence inter-Korean relations.

  • Exam reform a far cry from progress

    The gaokao system reform should include the reform of the exam and admission systems as well, with the latter being the key to the success of the overall reform of the education system.

  • Opposition not excluded from election

    'Pan-democrats' should correct the flaws in their thinking about the process for electing the chief executive by universal suffrage.


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