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Chinese lacrosse team leaves Denver with heads held high after tournament


PLA working to develop unmanned armored vehicles
  • Air passengers facing wave of delays

    Many domestic flights in China have been canceled or delayed because of summer storms as of Tuesday evening, according to a smartphone application and information from airline companies.

  • Relief efforts continue in typhoon's wake

    Relief efforts are still underway after Typhoon Rammasun battered the coast of southern China, with the death roll increasing to 46 and millions of people affected.

  • Mom invests in daughter’s love life

    The daughter, who is 25, said her mother wanted her to go on blind dates. Every time she did, the mother would pay her$48 to $81.


Starbucks China sold products from troubled meat firm
  • Alibaba denies 'political connection'

    Alibaba Group has denied allegations made by a New York Times report that claimed that the Chinese e-commerce giant had "political connection" behind it.

  • China cuts retail oil prices

    Cuts in the retail price of gasoline by 245 yuan per ton ($39.80) and that of diesel by 235 yuan from Tuesday.

  • Rail sector sets 200,000 km target

    High-speed lines likely to account for at least 10 percent by 2030, adviser forecasts. But funds should not just come from government financing and bank loans.


Mercedes Benz Swim Fashion Week in Miami


Alsace on a plate
  • Shanghai favorites served up in style

    Tai Sheng Yuan is a renowned Chinese food restaurant in Shanghai that serves Shanghai, Sichuan and Canton cuisine.

  • Eatbeat

    Not long after its opening, the Beijing branch of Japanese ramen restaurant Ippudo has people lining up at its gate to eat.

  • Fragrant harbor, French bistro-style

    Le Port Parfume is currently serving fresh mushrooms from Yunnan until the end of July.


Centurial photos from France reveal old China


Robert Downey Jr highest-earning actor: Forbes

Xi attends BRICS summit

China helps fight international war on drugs

Crackdown on terrorist attacks

While China is knitting an anti-terrorist security network, the nation still needs to prepare its people to fight the war on terror, thereby mobilizing its most powerful weapon.

My China Story: Meeting the master

Adventures can happen to you anywhere: when you are away from home, when you are walking on the street, or they can come with a curious encounter, in my case, for example.

Tongues tied around tatu-bola

Chinese soccer fans turn their attention to gathering facts about the mascot for the world's biggest soccer tournament, and some claim it is related to Chinese pangolin.

A market that's not such a hot property

A recent decline in housing prices is being exacerbated by tightened credit conditions and a surge in the supply of subsidized State housing.

Tough regime cranks out test winners

High school's intense training program yields many high-score students, but stifles creativity, report Hou Liqiang and Zhang Yu inHengshui, Hebei province

Some lab animals get reprieve from testing

China's cosmetics industry will enter uncharted waters at the end of June when the rules requiring live animal testing will be relaxed for certain products.

Racing to a new prosperity

When 20 vehicles set off on the first-ever Kolkata-to-Kunming car rally in 2013, the event wasn't simply a sporting contest, it was a harbinger of things to come.

Fishermen on the frontline of dispute

Rising tension in the South China Sea is having repercussions back on land, Peng Yining reports from Tanmen, Hainan province.

Turning Africa's resources into rewards

Richard Attias is an eternal optimist who believes Chinese entrepreneurs will play a big role in transforming Africa into an economic engine.

Long march to end employment bias

This special sheds light on employment discrimination in China, including how job ads specify gender and age preferences and recent discrimination cases in China.

New scare hits fast food chains

Shanghai has shut a food production factory for allegedly selling out-of-date meat to restaurant giants including McDonald's and KFC.

Investigators examining MH17 victims

Dutch investigators on Monday inspected bodies recovered from downed passenger airliner MH17. The bodies had been loaded onto refrigerated train cars in rebel-controlled east Ukraine.

Beijing, Caracas sign multiple agreements

Beijing and Caracas signed more than $5 billion in financial agreements on Monday to support the South American country's social and economic development, as President Xi Jinping concluded his first-ever visit to the country.

Syndrome killing young workers in 'world' s factory'

About 700 young workers in Dongguan, a major production base in Guangdong province, have died in their sleep in the past decade.

Chinese Community Leaders

Texworld USA kicks off in New York
  • Gigi Li: Representing the under-represented

    Gigi Li gives back to her community by representing the under-represented.

  • He Konghua: The 'sister' of cultural exchange

    San Francisco businesswoman and community leader He Konghua was born in 1949 in Beijing, the same year that the People's Republic of China was founded and the whole nation embraced a new era. This coincidence in timing might explain her deep and abiding love for the motherland.


Top chains may suffer a backlash that lingers


International Model Contest
  • US judge holds Chinese drywall company in contempt

    A China-based drywall company has been ordered by a US federal judge to pay $55,000 in penalties for refusing to participate in court proceedings over allegations that its product damaged homes where it was used.

  • Friend of Boston bomber found guilty

    A US federal jury on Monday found Azamat Tazhayakov, a friend of Boston Marathon bombings suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, guilty of obstructing investigation into the attack.

  • Ex-President Carter lauds US-China relations

    Former US President Jimmy Carter, saying "love of art will always transcend international boundaries," lauded relations between the United States and China on Thursday at a contemporary Chinese art exhibit honoring the 35th anniversary of normalization between the two nations.


Bodies, black boxes handed over from Ukraine crash site
  • Death toll in Gaza mounts to 576

    Israel's large-scale military operation in the Gaza Strip has killed 576 Palestinians and injured around 3,600 others.

  • UN vote demands site access

    The UN Security Council was scheduled to vote on Monday on a resolution proposed by Australia demanding international access and a cease-fire around the eastern Ukraine crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.

  • Airspace over east Ukraine shut down

    The Estonian outgoing EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas said the airspace over eastern Ukraine has now been shut down for civilian traffic after the crash of flight MH17.


Steven Gerrard retires from international football
  • Over 3700 expected at Nanjing Olympics

    More than 3700 athletes from 204 countries and regions will be taking part in the summer Youth Olympic Games to be held next month in Nanjing, organizers confirmed on Monday.

  • Nibali: I have learnt from the past

    Vincenzo Nibali says he is a more mature rider than he was the past couple of years and insists he is well placed to secure a first Tour de France success.

Food safety problem
  • News as fast food not a healthy diet

    This piece is not being written by a robot, but an increasing number of reports on the Internet are.

  • People must not be left behind

    We need to pay more attention to our social assistance mechanisms and ensure that the necessary channels are in place so that people have a genuine means to air their grievances and have unfair decisions changed.

  • Social media kick off new football era

    The nearly 60-year TV soccer era is now giving way to the Internet soccer era, as the World Cup in Brazil this summer has changed fans' viewing habits and made the beautiful game appeal to even broader audience.


Picturesque Qingcheng Mountain