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Cleaner coal goal in deal by Houston firm
  • Chinese city shops for talent in Houston

    While people are busy Christmas shopping, a recruitment team froma Chinese city came to Houston to shop for talent.

  • China niche for California design firm

    The California lifestyle has been good to Mike Ellis and Tim Magill. It's been so good that they have managed to create a thriving enterprise that receives half of its billings from China based in part on the Golden State's famous ethos of sun and a laid-back attitude toward life and people.


The secret life of gay Chinese
  • Pilot gets 3 yrs for crash that killed 44

    A Chinese court on Friday sentenced an airplane captain to three years in prison after 44 people died when his plane crashed more than four years ago.

  • Meteorite madness in an alien landscape

    As the market grows in China, a dedicated band of professionals are risking life and limb searching for extraterrestrial material in the deserts of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

  • More Chinese teenagers to study in US

    Chinese teenagers studying in the United States has increased more than 60 times during the past decade, with experts believing the boom will continue into the future, a new study showed on Thursday.


China's to sell Gap clothing
  • More Chinese teenagers to study in US

    Chinese teenagers studying in the United States has increased more than 60 times during the past decade, with experts believing the boom will continue into the future.

  • Solar ruling dims Sino-US co-op

    The latest US ruling on Chinese solar products sent negative signals of trade protectionism to the world and will inevitably impair bilateral economic relations.

  • China revises 2013 GDP up by 3.4%

    China's statistics authority on Friday revised its 2013 GDP figure up by 3.4 percent, based on results from the latest economic census.


St. Regis brings extra luxury to Chengdu’s hospitality
  • Rural student outreach at sprawling new Kempinski

    After performing a waist- drum dance dance at a Christmas lighting ceremony in at Kempinski’s sprawling new complex in the outskirts of Beijing the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel, Beijing and Yanqi Island last week, fourth grader Wang Heng just couldn’t wait to open a Christmas stocking and fish out gifts offered by the hotel — candy wrapped in colorful packages and a signature red Christmas hat.

  • Wish Box opens new ways to warm the world

    the children believe their wishes may come true, thanks to the Qumalai Little Students Wish Box (曲麻莱小学生愿望盒) Web app China Daily launched on Dec 16 in cooperation with the nonprofit StepUp!.

  • The outsider

    Laura Tang has lived in Shanghai for 10 years, moving to the city from a village in Hunan province.


A taste of Paris
  • A bigger slice of the action

    After earning his spurs in the kitchens of The Westin, The Sheraton, Sens on the Bund, and a sprinkling of other top-notch venues, Simpson Lu fi nally got the chance to become his own boss in November 2010.

  • Little luxuries in the afternoon

    This is the season for high teas, with dainty cups of fine china and little pastries that appeal to both visual and physical appetites.

  • Queen of desserts

    Baking cakes started as a way to keep busy during pregnancy, but soon morphed into a thriving business.


Foreign writer rich list reflects influence of movie adaptations


Wang Likun poses for Vogue magazine
  • A matter of time

    Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai is notoriously difficult to work with. Many actors have complained about endless filming delays, a lack of planning and unexplained halts.

  • Williams delivers last laughs in latest Night at the Museum

    Take heed: There are at least two acutely sad moments involving Robin Williams' Teddy Roosevelt in the latest Night at the Museum.

China's Xi receives highest rating among world leaders

Chinese President Xi Jinping was the highest rated world leader in many fields, according to a survey published by Harvard Kennedy School's Ash Center.

Beijing wins central approval for new international airport

Government approves plan for a new airport in Beijing that will enable the capital to handle 72 million more passengers each year.

Relocated parents face hard lessons

As Chinese children head abroad to study, many parents are opting to move with them, but some experts say the trend is a double-edged sword.

SCO urged to cut trade barriers

China proposed to help SCO countries upgrade their resource-based economies with advanced industrial equipment and financial support.

HK chief calls for respect of law as protests end

Hong Kong's Chief Executive, Leung Chun-ying, called on Monday for full respect for the rule of law and the constitutional framework governing the special administrative region's election overhaul.

High-end club hidden in Beijing's historic site

Private clubs continue to operate in some historic buildings in Beijing despite the government ban.

Canada preparing to return property

Canada and China are ready to sign an agreement to return illegal assets seized from fugitives of economic crime, including corrupt officials.

National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre victims

A state memorial ceremony is held in Nanjing for China's first National Memorial Day for Nanjing Massacre Victims.

Strength of China's anti-graft body revealed

About 1,000 employees are currently working at China's top anti-corruption body, according to a report by Phoenix Weekly on December 3, 2014.

8 sentenced to die for killer blasts

Eight terrorists who triggered two explosions that killed 46 people in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region received the death sentence on Monday.

Official sees bright future for Macao

The "one country, two systems" plan has been a great success since Macao formally returned to the motherland 15 years ago.

The heat is on for the 'living fossil'

China, US get things done at trade talks

China and the United States concluded a major trade and investment meeting in Chicago on Thursday with both sides applauding progress in a wide range of areas from market access to high-technology exports. adds Gap clothes online, China's second-largest e-commerce website, started selling US-based retailer Gap's clothing on its website on Thursday, in a move to build up its collection of US brand names against e-commerce giant Alibaba.

China OKs modified corn imports

China's lifting of a ban on imports of a genetically modified strain of corn is welcome news in the agricultural community, but the effect on China's agricultural trade will still be muted by domestic surpluses, according to two analysts.

Avon pays fine of $135m to settle bribery allegations

US authorities on Wednesday fined international cosmetics seller Avon Products $135 million to settle a corruption probe in China.

Chinese Community Leaders

Father's legal battle leads to helping immigrants

China Hands

Robert Daly: Many of his paths lead to China
  • Gary Locke: China hand extraordinaire

    He is a man of many firsts: the first Chinese-American US ambassador to China, the first Chinese-American Secretary of Commerce and the first Chinese-American governor of the State of Washington.

  • Building bridges from Michigan to China

    As Governor Rick Snyder wraps up another extended trip to China, Michigan continues to be a leader among US states in developing economic and cultural ties with China.


China niche for California design firm
  • California city fights 'birth tourism'

    "Birth tourism" has been a controversial issue in Southern California for some time. Some homes converted into "maternity hotels" in the region draw pregnant Chinese women to stay and gave birth in the United States.

  • Build, not break, a bridge for people

    A US congressional committee recently heard from critics of China's Confucius Institute program in the United States, who said the program is a form of propaganda by China, but Chinese teachers who have been through the program think it a fuss over nothing.

  • NYC schools can mark Lunar New Year

    New York City must consider making the Chinese Lunar New Year a public school holiday under a new law signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo that the city's Asian residents have sought for years.


US Secret Service lack of leadership, training


DPRK marks 3rd anniversary of Kim Jong-il's death
  • Putin says Russian economy will rebound

    Russian President Vladimir Putin held his annual end-of-year news conference on Thursday. Below are extracts of the news conference:

  • Volcano erupts in eastern Indonesia

    Mount Gamalama in Indonesia's eastern North Maluku province erupted on Thursday night, spewing a two-kilometer ash column, official said here Friday.

  • More anti-terror raids in Sydney

    Australian counter-terrorism police confirmed on Friday they raided five Sydney homes on Thursday which were linked to a man's alleged plot to execute a random member of the public in Martin Place in the city's CBD.


French Open unveils 2015 poster designed by Chinese artist
Peace constitution under threat
  • An example of passing on wrong values

    One of the many important characteristics of family education is that parents should teach children the important values of life on every occasion they get.

  • High-speed rail link expands beyond borders

    As the economic links among the countries in the region strengthen, the regional economy will consolidate and become more stable to the benefit of all the countries involved.

  • Macao's 15 years of examplary progress

    One of the main reasons Macao could achieve these is that it adheres to the "One Country, Two Systems" policy and acts in accordance with the Basic Law, which guarantees the SAR's prosperity and stability.


Xi'an railway station: Lost in translation