Shanghai blaze is a warni

(China Daily)
Updated: 2010-11-19 14:44
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The Shanghai blaze is a warning. It teaches us to take preventive measures against such fires. Government supervision is needed, but nothing can be more effective than intervention by residents.

Shanghai-like cases have been reported from Hong Kong, too. Under-construction buildings are full of inflammable materials such as wood, paper, paint and thinner, which can easily start a fire. Worse, there is no sense of risk among workers, who are often seen smoking or welding near inflammable materials.

Smoking becomes especially risky in the dry season. It is not uncommon to see drivers throw lighted cigarettes butts while driving, an act that can start a blaze, particularly in hilly areas.

I hope Hong Kong and the rest of China can learn something from the Shanghai tragedy.

Chu C.T., via email

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