Jiangsu governor visits San Francisco

Updated: 2013-06-26 09:55

By Chen Jia in San Francisco (China Daily)

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 Jiangsu governor visits San Francisco

Li Xueyong (center), Jiangsu province governor, and Chinese Consul General in San Francisco Yuan Nansheng (left), and California Darrell Steinberg applaud with guests at a "sister-state" reception in San Francisco on Monday. Chen Jia / China Daily

The governor of China's Jiangsu province was in San Francisco Monday to launch Experience Jiangsu 2013, a program to promote trade and cultural exchange with its sister-state, California.

"It is a very important commitment made by Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Barack Obama to strengthen cooperation and exchange between China's provinces and US states," Li Xueyong, the governor of Jiangsu, said at a reception held on Monday night.

Li said California holds a prominent position in the US, and likewise Jiangsu is one of the most advanced provinces in China, both economically and culturally.

The GDP of Jiangsu has experienced double-digit growth for 23 years, contributing more than 10 percent to the national total.

The friendship and cooperation between California and Jiangsu started in the 1980s, and the two sides made it an official sister-state relationship in July 2011. The cooperation covers science and technology, education, economy and trade, two-way investment, culture and tourism.

Li said Jiangsu holds a key position in Sino-US economic and trade cooperation. "The foreign trade volume between Jiangsu and the US accounts for one-sixth of the trade between China and US," he said. "Jiangsu investors have 439 projects in the US, and one-fourth of them are in California.

"Jiangsu investment in California accounts more than one-seventh of China's investment in California," he added.

People-to-people exchange between Jiangsu and California is also booming. Last year, Jiangsu sent 5,200 high school and primary school students to the US to study and travel and more than 13,000 Chinese from the province visited California.

"I am proud to be participating in Experience Jiangsu 2013," California Senator Darrell Steinberg said at the reception on Monday.

In April of this year, California Governor Jerry Brown visited China and signed an agreement with the Ministry of Commerce, and six Chinese provinces - including Jiangsu - to develop ties in exploring new energy, environmental protection and infrastructure.

"California is just coming out one of the most challenging and difficult economic times in many decades," Brown said. "We are positive about our future and we know economic strength depends on us seeing ourselves not as dependent on another state or country, but inter-dependent with other states and countries, who share our goals."


(China Daily USA 06/26/2013 page2)