Six major archaeological discoveries in 2015

Updated: 2015-12-14 07:11

By Xu Jing(

Six major archaeological discoveries in 2015

An archaeologist measures the gold items at Haihunhou cemetery. Chinese archaeologists have discovered 75 gold coins and hoof-shaped ingots in the tomb. They are the largest single batch of gold items ever found in a Han Dynasty tomb. [Photo/Xinhua]

Current important archaeological findings include a bronze pot containing chestnuts which may further prove the popularity of China' hot pot cuisine among ancient aristocrats, a lacquer screen with the earliest portrait of Confucius, a pair of goose-shaped bronze lamps that can "wallow"smoke, chimes as well as other musical instruments, Wuzhu coins, jade pendants and gold coins and hoof-shaped ingots.

The archaeological discovery of the coffin chamber in the cemetery is still ongoing. According to the archaeologists and history scholars, more important relics may be found in the following days.

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