Inner Mongolia takes lead in wind power

Updated: 2011-04-11 09:52


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BEIJING - Inner Mongolia autonomous region in North China has become the country's first province-level region to have over 10GW of wind turbines installed and connected to the power grid.

This makes up about one third of China's total grid-access wind installed capacity, according to figures from the autonomous regional government.

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By the end of February 2011, Inner Mongolia had 10.9GW wind turbines integrated to the grid, including 4.8GW installed in 2010.

The region has 150GW of exploitable wind power resources, about half of the country's onshore exploitable wind power resources.

Inner Mongolia hosts two of the country's eight 10GW-level wind power bases.

Over the past six years, Inner Mongolia realized more than 100 percent of annual growth rate in grid-access wind power installation. Five of its cities had their respective grid-access wind capacity exceeding 1GW.

In 2010, wind farms in Inner Mongolia generated 19.92 billion kwh of wind power, up 73.2 percent year-on-year.

The region plans to build another 3.5GW of wind farms this year.


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