NEA head highlights control on total energy use

Updated: 2011-07-11 10:02


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BEIJING - China should give higher priority on control of total energy consumption as the nation faces strains of energy supplies amid fast development, said a senior energy official Saturday.

Liu Tienan, head of the National Energy Administration, made the remarks at a conference in Beijing, saying "energy security is our permanent concern as our country's natural resources are inadequate."

China's population, natural resources, environment and the need for sustainable development do not allow wanton consumption of energy resources, he said.

As the country undergoes rapid industrialization and urbanization, China's total consumption of energy will continue to increase and the capacity of energy supplies will further expand, he said.

It means China should make plans for energy development and increase supply facilities in advance, he said.

China's overall energy consumption has increased fast with total use of primary energy at 3.2 billion tons of coal equivalent, he said.

Last year, China's total energy use accounted for 20 percent of the world's total, but its GDP was less than 10 percent of the world, he said.

The figures indicated China still lagged behind in industrial structure, innovation, and the economic quality, he said, calling for urgent transformation from an extensive economy.

At the meeting, he also vowed that China will work to give access to electricity to the remaining 5 million rural residents by upgrading and expanding power grid and developing biomass power generation.


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