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Updated: 2011-08-05 14:02

By   Lu Chang and Ma Chenguang (China Daily European Weekly)

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German engineer says wuhu is a good place to have a different experience

After three years in Wuhu, Fabian Casu still finds it difficult to get used to the stares on the streets, but still considers Wuhu, a third-tier city in Anhui province, very much his home.

Though Wuhu still has a long way to go before it matches up with Frankfurt, his hometown in Germany, Casu says the city is making the right moves in that direction.

"The move to Wuhu is the best decision I took when I decided to relocate to China. I have always been looking for something different and the Wuhu experience has broadened my horizons and given me a new lifestyle," says the 25-year-old German, who works with auto parts supplier Continental Group.

Casu's move to Wuhu came about in 2008 when he took up employment with Continental Group. His company decided to send him to Wuhu, to what was to later become a major global automotive production hub.

Working as the head of manufacturing planning and processes at Continental Automotive, Casu has loads of praise for his Chinese colleagues whom he refers to as devoted, committed and capable of working with high targets.

"Unlike Germans, the Chinese people have a very different working style and are capable of finishing their jobs quickly notwithstanding the pressures. Often they are in a hurry to get everything right," he says. "However, the Germans are slower and always think about the long term."

Casu says there is nothing good or bad in both the working styles. It is just that there are different ways of thinking and doing things.

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