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Helping females get ahead

Updated: 2011-03-29 19:09

By Zheng Jinran (

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Special classes designed to help females get ahead will be given to high school students in Guangdong province under a pilot program, Guangzhou Daily reported.

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Miu Meixian, 72, former president of a female school in Guangdong said in a discussion forum, "The current examination-oriented education misleads parents to take no care of their daughters' personality. Some girls pursue beauty and hurt themselves to lose weight, many female university students or graduate students would like to become mistresses, and some females prefer to be stay-at-home mothers. They all give up their economic independence. Those failures can all be blamed on the lack of female education."

She also suggests that special classes should be set up in high schools to help females learn their own advantages to cope with pressure and challenges which will lead to better opportunities.

Lei Yulan, vice-governor in charge of work on children and women agreed with the suggestion, adding that special classes would be set up which will focus on self-respect, confidence, reliance and development. The experiences gleaned from these pilot programs will be gradually applied to more schools. The programs will also need the cooperation from related departments, such as education, health and Women's Federation.


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