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95-year-old netizen enjoys surfing online

Updated: 2011-03-30 14:02


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 95-year-old netizen enjoys surfing online

Qin Faxiu surfs on the Internet at home. [Photo/Wuhan Evening News]


Qin Faxiu, a 95-year-old retiree in Wuhan of Hubei province, is living proof that age doesn't matter in the Internet world, Wuhan Evening News reported Wednesday.

Qin spends one hour surfing on the Internet every day. She has posted a total of 1,195 educational threads since 2001, when her grandson brought home a computer, and was dubbed “Education Catcher” by netizens. Besides education news, she also follows current news and sports news.

“My mum is addicted to the Internet after she retired from school. Even when she was admitted to the hospital, she never stopped thinking about her posts,” said her 58-year-old son, Xu Ligong.

Qin was born in 1916 and graduated from a church-sponsored school. She has some hearing problems but has retained her quick mind, the report said.


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