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Owners seek a spot for their guide dogs

Updated: 2011-04-06 15:16


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Owners seek a spot for their guide dogs
Guide dog Yile plays with Xie Danling, on March 27 in Shanghai. Xie says the 2-year-old Labrador is a reliable "family member". The 26-year-old Shanghai native, who has visual difficulty, used a guide dog as a "bridesmaid" at her wedding ceremony last year. At first, Yile could only recognize her directions and follow. But now the dog is able to read her emotions through her voice or expressions. Xie said once she was feeling sad and weeping, and Yile came over and licked the tears on her cheek. "The dog is always here comforting me when I am unhappy. I now can't do without her and I feel uneasy if she is not around," Xie said. Even when there is food or other dogs around, Yile keeps her attention focused on Xie. She does not bark nor run away when Xie is dining at a restaurant. But Xie is worried about her "eyes" because guide dogs are not allowed in some public areas such as supermarkets and on buses. "The dogs dedicate themselves to blind people, and I hope they can be accepted more," Xie said. [Photo/Xinhua]

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