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NavInfo introduces in-car Telematics

Updated: 2011-04-27 15:53

By Hao Yan (

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NavInfo Co Ltd (NavInfo) introduced Telematics, its new in-car drivers' service system in Shanghai on April 21. The new system's features include voice, navigation, security, interaction, and "personal assistant" services.

The Telematics system is based on the global positioning system (GPS), wireless voice and digital communication technologies, the company said.

The system will provide digital maps and driving guides, traffic information, emergency services information, long-distance vehicle diagnosis and Internet access. .

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The integration of all these services will prove more convenient and efficient for drivers, said Zou Xingzhong, research and development director of the Telematics project at NavInfo.

The system has 18 onboard functions, including real-time flight information, fare search and booking features. Its weather information service covers the whole county, including prefecture-level administrative regions.

Telematics was jointly developed by NavInfo and three digital map manufacturers: Visteon Co, Shinco Electronics Co and Shenyang Meixing Technology Co Ltd.

NavInfo's earlier in-vehicle navigation systems are already in use in more than 100 major automobile models worldwide as a pre-installed option. NavInfo President Sun Yuguo said the ten-year-old company is now bringing more business value to its partners with more highly integrated systems like Telematics.

Shenzhen-listed NavInfo also provides portable navigation systems, Internet-based location service applications and mobile location service application.


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