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People injured in money grabbing publicity stunt

Updated: 2011-05-01 22:10

By Zhao Chenyan (

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Maybe you don't believe that money could ever fall from the sky; however, it can. To attract potential house buyers, a real estate company in Zhenjiang, a city in East China's Jiangsu province made it happen on Saturday – by getting beautiful girls in hot air balloon baskets to pour money onto pedestrians, Yangtze Evening Post reported Sunday.

People injured in money grabbing publicity stunt

A combo picture shows three girls throwing money on the balcony of a nearby high building (top) and people waiting to scramble for the money falling from the building (bottom). [Photo/Yangtze Evening Post] 

The event caused thousands of people to scramble for the falling money, which was made up of both 5 yuan and 10 yuan notes. However, owing to a strong wind fanning the fire in the balloon, the stunt was stopped so as not to put the women at risk.

However, the beauties then moved to stand on the balcony of a nearby high building to continue throwing the money. Hundreds more people gathered below as the 5 and 10 yuan notes were swapped for 50s and 100s. But suddenly, screaming could be heard from the crowd.

As people rushed to grab the money, dozens were smashed down on the ground or the wall.

An old woman said tearfully: "It's too crazy. My false teeth have been knocked out."

The activity's sponsor, Zhenjiang Xingyao Real Estate Development Co Ltd, said that they wanted to thank and repay their customers.

In reference to the chaos, they said they didn't foresee the situation but were willing to pay for the medical treatment of anyone injured during the publicity stunt.


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