Blasts near govt buildings kill 2, injure 6

Updated: 2011-05-26 12:39


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Blasts near govt buildings kill 2, injure 6

Heavy smoke is seen after an explosion in Linchuan district of Fuzhou city in East China's Jiangxi province May 26. [Photo/]

NANCHANG - Two people were confirmed dead and six others were injured in Thursday morning's serial explosions in east China's Jiangxi province, the local government said.

Explosions went off at three different locations in Fuzhou City between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m., near the city's procuratorate office, the Linchuan district government and the district's food and drug administration.

Police wrapped up search and rescue outside the Linchuan district government office Thursday afternoon and retrieved one body.

One of the four people who were seriously injured at the same site died in hospital, a spokesman with the provincial government said.

Three others were slightly injured. Police are yet to identify the victims.

Casualties in the other two explosions were not confirmed.

A witness in Fuzhou city said the blast blew away most of the window panes in the procuratorate office, an eight-story building, and a Volkswagen Santana was destroyed.

Witnesses said the blast near the Linchuan district government went off in a car parked less than 100 meters from the office building and destroyed at least 10 vehicles.

The cause of the blasts is still being probed, but the source with the provincial government said a disgruntled farmer was suspected to have triggered the explosions to venge his resentment.

The provincial government said the suspect was at large.

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