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Man seeks help over stingy wife

Updated: 2011-06-28 10:51

By Zhao Chunzhe (

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A 41-year-old man surnamed Chen knocked at the door of a women's organization to ask for help to deal with his wife and her penny-pinching habits, the Wuhan Evening News reported.

Chen said he and his wife were immigrant workers in Sizhou, Central China's Hubei province, and now, after years of hard work, he was a middle–level manager at a factory, with a monthly income of 4,000 yuan ($617), the report cited.

However, Chen said his wife controlled the couple's income, collecting all the money he earned and only supplying him with an allowance of 10 yuan ($1.5) every three days.

In addition, Chen complained that his wife often turned off the water when he was in the shower to save water and cursed him for using too much shampoo, the report said.

The report said Chen begged the organization to provide mediation to help solve the family's problem.


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