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Toddler to leave ICU after high-rise fall

Updated: 2011-07-18 22:52


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HANGZHOU - A toddler who survived a fall from her 10th-floor home in east Zhejiang province is expected to be discharged from the intensive care unit (ICU) soon, according to her doctor.

Doctors have turned off two drainage tubes from her stomach, and if her condition is good, the final tube will be plugged and she will be transferred from the ICU to the general ward, said Zhang Chenmei, director of Zhejiang Children's Hospital Pediatrics ICU Center.

"She is now fully conscious and her intestines and stomach are regaining functions," Zhang said.

The two-year-old girl, nicknamed Niu Niu, became unconscious after she fell out of a window at her home near Hangzhou on July 2.

Wu Juping, a mother of a seven-month-old boy, saw the girl dangling from the window and raced to catch her, preventing the girl from hitting the ground at full force and winning applause from the whole country.

Zhang said that further treatment on Niu Niu would be focused on the sensory disturbance of the left side of her body, bone fractures and injuries in the internal organs.

Zhang is optimistic about her full recovery. "Children's regeneration capacity is more powerful than adults, and she can grow like another healthy kid when she restores her strength," he said.


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