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Yao's retirement sparks online discussion

Updated: 2011-07-20 15:51


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Chinese basketball player Yao Ming's retirement has sparked hot discussions on the micro blog. Following are somme comments that we translated from Chinese into English:


  • When will we Chinese have the next Yao Ming?
  • Yao really retired! From now on I only can watch him play on the NBA PC games!
  • Yao retired. Will as many Chinese pay special attention to the Huston Rockets as before?
  • All Chinese are proud of him! We have to try our best to watch the game without him from now on.
  • Yao should have a tattoo "Made in China".I don't know whether I should feel sorrow that I can no longer watch his games or wish him well for his health.
  • I am not a sports or a basketball fan, but the name Yao Ming draws my attention to basketball.
  • Yao is only 31 years old. I believe that he will bring us more surprises.
  • Yao, you will forever be my No 1. I wish you and your family a happy life.
  • I am not a fan of Yao, but I feel more sorrow for his retirement than I did for Michael Jordan's.
  • I have suddenly caught a cold! Maybe this is due toYao's retirement, which makes me sad.
  • Yao's retirement almost made my Daddy burst into tears.



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