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3 swimmers killed by electric shock

Updated: 2011-07-22 11:37

By Zhao Chunzhe (

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A rainstorm in Tianjin caused an awning to topple and become tangled in broken electric wires before falling into an outdoor pool, killing three people and injuring many, the Beijing Times reported on Friday.

3 swimmers killed by electric shock

The pool was shut down after the accident in Tianjin.[Photo/Beijing Times]

Ming Jin, who was severely injured in the accident, lost her husband and her sister's boyfriend. A rescue worker in his 60s was also killed, the report said.

A witness said a sudden downpour prompted many swimmers to leave the pool, about 3 pm on Thursday, when the awning fell and caused the accident. Many people, both in the water and out, collapsed from the electric shock.

Liang Tianyu, another victim, said he was in the water when the accident happened and felt numb for more than 40 seconds, while his friend Hao Nan was knocked down by electric shock after touching an iron bar outside the pool.

The paper said the pool was shut down and the owner has been detained by police for further investigation.


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