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Crazy English founder accused of beating wife

Updated: 2011-09-05 16:37

By Quan Li (

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<EM>Crazy English</EM> founder accused of beating wife

A picture of an injured ear is posted on “Linahua’s Mom” micro blog on Sept 4, 2011. [Sina Weibo/Linahua’s Mom]

<EM>Crazy English</EM> founder accused of beating wife

A picture of a swollen head is shown on “Linahua’s Mom” micro blog on Aug 31, 2011 with the words “I enjoy losing face equals I enjoying hitting my wife’s face?” [Sina Weibo/Linahua's Mom]


The famous founder of Crazy English, known around China for his high-energy intensive language classes, has been accused of beating his wife, the Xin'an Evening News reported on Monday.

Rumors about Li Yang circulated on the internet after a woman, believed to be his American wife Kim Lee, posted photographs on a Sina Weibo micro blog showing injuries she alleges were caused by Li.

The images showing swelling, bruising and cuts to a woman's face and body were posted on micro blog named "Linahua's mom". Li Yang and his wife have three children: Li, Na and Hua. The profile photo shows three girls wearing the same suits.

Messages were posted next to the pictures from Aug 31 to Sept 4. One read: "I enjoy losing face equals I enjoying hitting my wife's face?" Another "Li Yang, you need help. Domestic violence is a serious problem. Your children need their father. I don't know what to do."

Some of the posts were written in English such as "Seeing that you were having make up applied for a TV appearance while I was in hospital hurts more than your slamming my head on the floor."

Li Yang, 42, is the creator of Crazy English, a non-traditional method of learning English in China. His method can be described with the quote "To shout out loud, you learn." Students practice his technique by going behind buildings or on rooftops and shouting English. Li, chairman of a Guangzhou-based English training company, has so far not responded to the allegations.


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