China warns about misuse of nutrition supplements

Updated: 2012-05-10 21:56


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BEIJING - The State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) Thursday warned the public about the misuse of nutritional supplements, following an incident of high school students intravenously injecting Amino Acid supplements.

As the entry exams for high schools and colleges draws near, parents should be aware of health risks of some nutritional supplements and avoid giving their children these supplements excessively or irrationally, said a SFDA statement.

News that high school students in central China's Hubei province intravenously injected Amino Acid supplements before their college entry exam has caused much controversy.

The SFDA stressed in the statement that it has never approved any nutritional supplements that have the effect of improving IQ or cognitive efficiency.

Those supplements that help improve memory, ease physical fatigue and increase immunity will not have the effect of improving IQ or the efficiency of brainwork, the statement said.

Some nutritional supplements may not be suitable for teenagers and should not replace medications, it said.

The SFDA suggested that good rest, proper eating and relaxation is better than nutritional supplements for students preparing to sit exams.

The national college entry exam will fall in early June this year.