New York, London and Tokyo most competitive cities in the world: CASS

Updated: 2012-06-28 20:05

By Wei Tian (

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Among cities, New York, London and Tokyo are some of the strongest competitors in the world.

Even so, their dominance is being threatened by the ongoing economic crisis, a top Chinese think tank said in a report released on Thursday.

Of the 10 cities in the world that are the strongest competitors, Paris, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul also have a place, according to a Global Urban Competitiveness Report (2011-2012), which was compiled by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

The report said the United States still contains the most cities that are considered to be among the strongest competitors, 37 of the top 100.

Of Chinese cities, Shanghai ranked the highest, coming in at 36th place. Other Chinese cities to make the list were Beijing, in 55th place, Shenzhen, in 67th, and Guangzhou, in 109th.

In the previous ranking, Beijing had come in at 60th place and Shanghai at 37th.

The survey took into consideration a city's economic strength, technology and global influence.

As a result of the global debt crises, cities in Europe and North America slid by an average of 2 percent in the 2012 rankings. That was the first time in six years that either had seen their cities fall in the index's rankings.

Asian cities, meanwhile, slid by 0.6 percent on average, also a result of the financial troubles in the US and the debt crisis in Europe, the report said.