Ancient tombs discovered in Nanjing

Updated: 2012-11-14 19:16

By CANG WEI and SONG WENWEI in Nanjing (

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Archaeologists have found 46 ancient tombs in Nanjing Forestry University of Jiangsu province.

The tombs, dating back to around AD 229, are considered to be very important archaeological discoveries. More than 100 funerary objects, including gold plates, silverware, pottery and porcelain, have been found in the tombs that are located on a hill at the university.

All the tombs were buried with single person inside, and no spouses have yet been found, according to a man surnamed Xu, who is in charge of the archaeological work.

Of all the ancient tombs found, only six have never been robbed, Xu said.

Last year another tomb whose owner was said to be an offspring of Xu Da, a famous general of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1662), was also found at the university.