Historical photos of 56 nations in China (Part I)

Updated: 2015-05-04 07:00

By Yu Xiaoou(Chinaculture.org)

Historical photos of 56 nations in China (Part I)

A photo of Yao women, taken by Deng Yuandong and Asilihan in 1981. [Photo/ China Photographers Association]

Yao ethnic group

The Yao people inhabit Guangxi, Yunnan, Guangdong and Guizhou. Teas and homemade wines are their favorite drinks. They are master at handicrafts. These crafts not only come in many variations, but also have special meanings.

Clothes differ according to the regions where they live. However, their clothes are mainly made of blue cloth with various pictorial designs on the fabric. Men wear short shirts without collars, and trousers or pants with the lower part wrapped. Women wear trousers, short skirts or pleated skirts decorated with unique embroidery. Also their special hair adornments are dazzling and attractive.