Traditional handicrafts that are dying out

Updated: 2014-09-24 07:00


As society progresses rapidly, some traditional businesses are becoming obsolete and dying out. The old handicrafts not only represent the wisdom of the older generations but also fond memories for many in the modern age. The following are some examples of old handicrafts or businesses.

Traditional handicrafts that are dying out

Knife grinding.In lanes or hutongs, the calling of "knife scissors grinding" can occasionally be heard. Though knife grinding is an insignificant skill, it is indispensible in that knives and scissors used for chopping, cutting and tailoring can be blunt after some time and need sharpening. To serve customers, a knife grinder only needs a specially made bench with a grindstone placed on one end and a small bucket of water. [Photo by Zhao Yuguo/Asianewsphoto]

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