Olivia Wilde praises Daniel Craig's eyes

Updated: 2011-08-15 15:22


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Olivia Wilde praises Daniel Craig's eyes

Olivia Wilde doesn't think anyone has more beautiful eyes than Daniel Craig.

The 27-year-old actress - who appears opposite the 'James Bond' star in new sci-fi Western movie 'Cowboys and Aliens' - explained she felt as if she was working alongside the 'King of Cool' Steve McQueen, because of the "vibe" Daniel gives off.

She explained: "It felt like I was working with Steve McQueen, he's got that vibe. Those eyes . mmm. Are there any eyes more beautiful than Daniel Craig's? And he's very still and quiet, so any movement he does make is filled with tension and meaning."

Olivia - who married filmmaker Tao Ruspoli on an old school bus in Venice, California, at the age of 19 - also admitted she has no regrets as splitting from her husband after eight years of marriage earlier this year, as she had to "follow her heart".

She added to You magazine: "I got married in the most romantic, beautiful way. The mark of a good marriage is partnership and continuing to feel inspired by your spouse. I had that with Tao.

"You go through chapters in your life, and the only tragedy is not following your heart. I have always lived very spontaneously and been true to myself, and that sometimes leads to heartbreak and sometimes to positive, wonderful things.

"He's a great person and I don't have any bad blood with anyone in my life. I like to keep it that way."


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