Q & A Stephon Marbury

Updated: 2011-03-24 07:54

(China Daily)

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Q & A Stephon Marbury

What do you think was special about the CBA All-Star Game?

I think the special part to me was the fans were so dedicated throughout the whole game. I think in the NBA it's more of a show. It is more for the flash of who's at the game, who has the newest shoes on, the dunk contest. The CBA All-Star Weekend is more geared towards the people who have never seen something before and they want to experience something completely different.

Some high-profile former NBA players, including Steve Francis, Rafer Alston and Ricky Davis, failed to fit into the CBA and left China after short sojourns. What do you think was the problem?

I think when you come to China you have to understand that this isn't the NBA, it's a totally different league. The way of the game is different, the rules are different. You can't come here thinking of the NBA, you have to come here focused on playing in the CBA.

What is the difference between the fans in China and in the United States?

I think the fans here are loyal. I think when they love you, they love you forever. The fans in the US are tired of the big show. One day you are hot, the next day you are not. It's easy for them to jump off the wagon if they are not a true fan.

If you were offered another NBA contract, would you go back to play?

I have no desire to play in the NBA. My desire is to be here in the CBA and teach and help guys. The NBA is the NBA. I've already done that. I rarely watch NBA games on TV now. I'll watch it when the Lakers are on; I like watching Kobe.

Do you write your micro blog on a Chinese website, and have you begun to learn Chinese?

Dui Dui! (means "yes, of course" in English) I write it myself all the time.

What has been the biggest surprise for you in China?

The biggest surprise was that I didn't know that the Chinese were as knowledgeable about basketball as they are. I had no clue about that. During a game, when you hear the crowd cheering, you know you have made a good play and you know they understand it and recognize it. It was probably one of the most amazing things to me.

(China Daily 03/24/2011 page23)


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