Industry Special: Ongoing quest for water quality

Updated: 2012-12-21 07:04

By Zhu Yile (China Daily)

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 Industry Special: Ongoing quest for water quality

Li Xueyou, the most "in" farmer, now sells his ecological vegetables through a microblog. Photos Provided to China Daily

 Industry Special: Ongoing quest for water quality

Farmers in Guangxi are happy with the sugarcane harvest following improved irrigation.

As the saying goes, water is to fish what air is to man, which shows that it is vitally important to ensure clean, safe and reliable water resources. For Coca-Cola, water - the main component of all beverages - is at the core of production operations. Water resource management has always been crucial to Coca-Cola's sustainable development.

Following the beverage industry leader's philosophy of bringing and protecting safe and clear water to the world, Coca-Cola in China has cooperated with the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Commerce, the United Nations Development Program and the World Wide Fund for Nature to carry out a series of water resource protection projects:

"In" farmer

A few years ago, Coca-Cola and the WWF organized an environmental protection agriculture forum where Sichuan farmer Li Xueyou learned new ecological vegetable cultivation methods for the first time. He stopped using chemical fertilizers and pesticides and encouraged other villagers to adopt the practices. With the help of Coca-Cola's volunteers, the water quality in the village is getting better and a professional farm cooperative has been built to promote a healthier lifestyle and ecological approaches.

Now called the most "in" farmer in the area, Li sells his organically grown vegetables through a microblog.

Wetland ambassador

Yunqiao wetland in Yunqiao village is the main water source for Chengdu and the site of the "Wetland Ambassador Action" by Coca-Cola and the WWF. Volunteer Du Jinyan has contributed enormously to the improvement of the wetland since her first time there in 2010. She firmly believes that awareness of environmental protection will revive the area.

Clear water for children

The salt geology of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region meant nearly 300 secondary school students in Bazhou Yuli county near the Taklimakan desert had no safe and clear water. A large number of volunteers organized by Coca- Cola along with institutes and ministries have now dug wells and renovated water delivery equipment to better their living conditions.

Sugarcane happiness

Sugarcane production is a main industry in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, but the yield has long been stunted by backward water conservancy facilities and traditional farming techniques. So Coca-Cola cooperated with ministries and agencies on an agriculture water project that has expanded irrigation from the original 2,000 mu (133.3 hectares) to 200,000 mu. The local government plans to extend it to 1 million mu in five years.

(China Daily 12/21/2012 page4)