Chinese signal company helps to improve Pakistan's rail infrastructure

Updated: 2015-04-21 07:37

By Zhuan Ti(China Daily USA)

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China Railway Signal and Communication Co Ltd is expanding its business in Pakistan and helping to improve the local infrastructure.

The move shows that the CRSC is playing an active role in advancing the national "One Belt, One Road" initiative, according to the company.

Amid the weak recovery of the global economy, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed jointly building the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road during his visit to Central Asia and Southeast Asia in September 2014, in a bid to increase exchanges along the ancient trade route.

On the heel of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative that has already attracted attention from around the world, the recent release of the Vision and Actions on Jointly Building the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road has once again put the regional cooperation in the limelight.

In response, the CRSC is accelerating its pace in exploring markets abroad, especially along the route.

As an important stakeholder in the region, Pakistan is short of rail infrastructure and its related equipment is almost obsolete.

The shortage and obsolescence causes frequent interruptions of mass transportation.

Against such a backdrop, the CRSC started to tap Pakistan's railway market in 2006.

After three years of efforts, the company won contracts to improve railway signal systems in Pakistan in 2009, which included railway signal rehabilitation for 23 stations and block sections in Sindh province and railway signal system modernization for 31 stations and block sections in Punjab province.

After a strict screening process, the CRSC founded a professional project team with strong expertise in engineering design, product manufacturing, system installation and technical support, to provide high-quality services and promote to the world China's advanced railway signaling equipment and technologies.

The team was tailor-made for the Pakistan projects and its members are well informed about the specific situations of Pakistan railways.

Chinese engineers have overcome a range of technical obstacles in fulfilling the contracts.

As a result, modern computer-based interlocking signal systems have been put into operation at nine stations and block sections, which has helped improve the efficiency of railway traffic.

Through a local subcontracting strategy, the projects have created thousands of jobs for communities along the railways, which has boosted the regional economy and greatly contributed to better living and economic conditions of the people who live near the railways.

Local residents welcomed the arrival of the CRSC and its staff in Pakistan and helped them a lot both in and outside of work.

At the same time, the CRSC has earned the respect of locals for its work ethic and accommodating attitude. Its overseas staff members have created a positive image of both the company and China.

With the opening of more stations and block sections in the future, the CRSC is expected to earn a greater reputation in the Pakistan railway industry and establish closer friendships with local residents.


 Chinese signal company helps to improve Pakistan's rail infrastructure

Engineers from China Railway Signal and Communication Co Ltd test outdoor equipment in Pakistan. Photos Provided to China Daily

 Chinese signal company helps to improve Pakistan's rail infrastructure

Technicians conduct a final inspection before a new railway signal system is put into operation.

(China Daily USA 04/21/2015 page7)