How they see Xi's style of governance

Updated: 2015-09-23 13:07

(China Daily USA)

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Ye Zicheng, professor and dean of Institute of International and Strategic Studies, Peking University

How they see Xi's style of governance

Xi Jinping's governing philosophy has combined the positive legacies of ancient Chinese thinkers and experiences derived from the past over 30 years of modern development.

"The people" is a key word of many of Xi's speeches, which emphasize responsibility of the state to serve them and protect their interests; this is not only a modern value, but also a joint conclusion of several ancient Chinese philosophers like Confucius and Mencius. Since he was still on the leading posts of provinces and other institutions, Xi had always advocated that the government should provide services to society and avoid interfering too much in normal economic activities, which is not only held by modern thinkers, but also can be traced to Lao-tzu, whom he often quoted.

Wisdom from ancient Chinese thinkers and experiences derived from the modern era are mutually complementary and make Xi's theories both fruitful and innovative.

Helmut Schmidt, former chancellor of Germany

How they see Xi's style of governance

Having faith in China's growth model, the new generation of Chinese leadership with President Xi Jinping at the core also needs to deal with the important, strenuous and complicated tasks brought about by the high-speed economic development.

President Xi will pay special attention to problems caused by corruption, environmental pollution and the illegal occupation of land, labor disputes, and threats to food safety.

It is a matter of regret for me though, that the Chinese leadership has always had a better understanding of the West than vice versa.

The publishing of President Xi's new book ("Xi Jinping: The Governance of China") represents a positive attempt to change the status quo.

The book educates foreign readers on the philosophy adopted by China's leadership, and the strategic guidelines on which China's direction of development is based. As such, it offers the world a better understanding of China's development, especially its policies on governance and diplomacy.

Tom Watkins, adviser to the University of Michigan Confucius Institute

How they see Xi's style of governance

Like the leaders before him, President Xi Jinping understands the biggest problem of a ruling party is for it to become divorced from the people.

Being president of a country with one-fifth of all humanity and the fastest-growing economy is a wonderful platform to write a book. President Xi has done just that to recount the ways in which he remains married to the people. ...

Proper governance is important to the people of China - and for all of humanity.

(China Daily USA 09/23/2015 page9)