Migrants take the microphone

Updated: 2011-01-25 07:52

By Xu Lin (China Daily)

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Vocalists Wang Xu and Liu Gang had no idea achieving overnight online fame would give them the opportunity to perform at the 2011 CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

But now, the big show has become the center of their lives.

"It's great honor to be part of the gala. We are still waiting for the coming rehearsal," 44-year-old Wang says.

Migrants take the microphone

Liu, 29, shares his partner's enthusiasm.

"It's so exciting to sing onstage for people who are enjoying their Spring Festival family reunion dinners. We will surely do our best," Liu says.

The duo shot to fame in Oct 2010, when a video of them singing a pop song went on the Web. Before that, they were two ordinary migrant workers, who played music in Beijing's subways at night to earn some extra cash.

"Life has changed since then. Sometimes, we can barely get enough sleep because there are so many television recording sessions and interviews," Liu says.

Wang says he doesn't even have time to practice guitar or singing, anymore.

"Several days ago, I was so eager to sing that I sneaked off a subway station. But I was soon recognized by passers-by and ran away," he says.

Their tight schedules forced them to turn down many invitations as guest singers.

Liu says he misses the days when they performed on the subway.

"Although we are famous, we are under great pressure, as we don't even have a song of our own," Liu says.

Wang says they are planning to record an album in 2011 as a fresh start to their musical careers and to show gratitude to fans and supporters.

"In addition to rock 'n' roll, we can also do other musical genres. We might try that with the album," Wang says.

Liu says they will start a website, and some songs on the album will be chosen from those written exclusively for them by their fans.

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