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Rethink use of nuclear energy

Updated: 2011-03-28 08:01

(China Daily)

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Comment on "Can Japan and nuke-power plants coexist?" (China Daily, March 16)

I wish the Japanese people a speedy recovery from the grave disaster that has befallen them. It is sad to see nature venting its wrath on Japan.

More importantly, Japan and other nations should rethink the use of nuclear energy. It is especially important for countries in earthquake-prone zones to check and recheck their nuclear power plants.

Humans have not reached a point where they can overpower nature. Video images of the tsunami tossing cars, houses and everything else in its path show how powerful nature is. The tsunami destroyed almost all man-made objects, mocking humans in the process.

If Tokyo can build nuclear power plants in comparatively safer places, away from the seashore at least, then perhaps Japan and nuclear power facilities can coexist.

But I still think that there is a safer way to generate electricity and nuclear power facilities are not indispensable. After all nuclear power plants come with great risks.

An accident or a natural disaster can turn a nuclear power plant into a death trap, threatening the lives of humans and all other living creatures. So it is advisable to look for safer and cleaner forms of energy to fulfill our needs.

HsunTze, on China Daily website

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