Unite people behind the dream of China's renewal

Updated: 2012-12-03 22:17


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Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, on Nov 29 visited "The Road Toward Renewal" exhibition in Beijing, pledging to continue targeting the goal of the "great renewal of the Chinese nation."

Xi warned that empty talks ruin the country and only practical efforts make the country thrive. This is the right way to realize the renewal of the Chinese nation, the greatest dream of the whole country, says an article in Beijing News Daily. Excerpts:

But to realize this greatest dream entails hard works. All Chinese should know their fates rest with the development of the whole nation. So everyone should make his or her contribution to the great cause concerning our future.

This is a painful lesson Chinese has learned from its recent history. A China that lagged behind was the target of external bullying and invasions.

In the fast development of China, pluralistic thoughts and ideas naturally spring out in Chinese society, providing the public and the government more angles for references.

But the renewal of the Chinese nation should be the consensus of all positive thoughts and thus a common dream uniting all Chinese to strive for a beautiful China where people enjoy more happiness, liberty and dignity.

These are all important tasks for China's reform, which is closely linked to China's future and the livelihood of all Chinese.

As the new leadership of the CPC vows to realize the renewal of China, it must do its best to deepen the reform in various fields, especially in some sensitive but important fields.

Recently, the State Council has been considering amending the Land Administration Law, which will increase compensation for rural landowners in land expropriation by a large margin according to the land's commercial value but not its agricultural value.

This move conveys a clear message with a number of the other phenomena in anti-corruption, income-distribution reform and social-insurance reform.

Ever since Xi made his speech to the media in the 18th Party Congress, most Chinese feel the pragmatism, vitality and passion of the new CPC leadership.

Adhering to the path suiting Chinese national conditions unswervingly is a basic guarantee to realize the renewal of China. Past achievements further consolidate the CPC's confidence in continuing the pragmatic path and constantly adapting to the changing situations at home and abroad.