The best views in Beijing

Updated: 2013-09-24 11:13


The best views in Beijing

Atmosphere Bar and The Lounge offer Beijing's highest views of the city.[Photo/]

Atmosphere Bar and The Lounge

Since opening in 2010, Atmosphere, on the 80th floor of the China World Summit Wing, has taken the title of Beijing's highest bar, being pretty much the highest place in the capital to hang out, period. Although Atmosphere has no open airspace to speak of, it is, at least, spacious. Generally, the bar only accommodates as many people as seating allows, with a basic capacity of about 130 people. By ten o'clock, lineups are not uncommon as a smartly-dressed crowd hopes to look down on the city and unwind over designer cocktails.

The bar appropriately faces west, where, on a clear day, one can look out on the Forbidden City, Beihai Park, and even out to the distant mountains. But at Atmosphere, the views are admittedly more of a backdrop than a focus. The vertical window set up barely allows for wide views. But Atmosphere never intended to be a tourist spot: it nails its niche as an upscale bar that aims to serve its business clientele well.

Part jazz bar, part night club, live music and a DJ proved beats every night bar Mondays. There is a dance floor, though it's not usually used unless patrons drink enough to shake off their pretensions.

Drinks, such as the spicy house signature ATM Rum Punch, have a reputation for being well-mixed. The service is generally in line with drink prices, which is to be expected considering how many customers are likely to be paying with their company cards.

If the bar is full, the adjacent Lounge offers a quieter, non-smoking environment and the same menus. It's open all day, allowing for morning and daytime views. Grill 79, just one floor below offers fine dining with almost identical views to the bars above.

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