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Chinese kites

Updated: 2011-03-31 09:12

By Cong Fangjun (

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Kites were first used about 2,800 years ago in China. In the past, kites were used in the military to make a signal and test the wind. With the development of papermaking, people began using paper for the sails, and kite flying has been a popular outdoor game ever since.

Classic kites use bamboo for the spars and paper or silk for the sails. Then they're designed with many different shapes and forms, which represent the pursuit of happiness, longevity, joy and good luck. Many craftsmen believe the common materials in one's life best express a person's best wishes for a better life.

It's good for our health to fly kites in the spring. We can enjoy the spring sunshine, the fresh air and the blue sky. It's relaxing, and it brings us great pleasure. It is said that if you fly a kite and then cut the twine to let the kite go, all of your illness and troubles in the coming year will fly away with the kite.

Now that spring is coming, everyone should get out their kites and enjoy flying them with friends and family.


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