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Don't call me Laowai: No more Mr bad guy

Updated: 2011-06-13 08:45

By Huang Lan (

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Christian Bachini came to China in 2009 with a dream to be a martial arts film actor. The 25-year-old Italian said he hasn't spent half his life studying martial arts and stunts just to become another crude caricature of a racist foreigner getting beaten to a pulp by an Asian kung fu star. He wants to make it big here in China much more than Hollywood. Although it's hard for a foreigner to star in Chinese kung fu movies as the protagonist, he is optimistic and trying his best to realize his dream.

Don't call me Laowai: No more Mr bad guy

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Videographer: Huang Lan & Huan CAO

Video: Huang Lan

Some footage courtesy of Christian Bachini


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