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Don't call me Laowai: My life in a Beijing alley

Updated: 2011-07-11 09:40

By Yu Chenkang (

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Dominic Johnson-Hill successfully created his brand Plastered 8 in China. When you ask him why he has stayed in Beijing, he will tell you he likes this place. "Beijing is a city like a man, and people are very nice." He thinks his life here is quite different from other foreigners'. Upon arrival, he struggled with things like language, but now he enjoys a simple life with his Beijing friends and community.

He likes to hang out, "Beijingers love to 'hun'", which means hang out. Here he feels comfortable hanging out in Beijing's alleys. His wife, his four children and his business are all here in Beijing.

Video: Yu Chenkang

Producer: Flora Yue

Chapter 1: My career in a Beijing alley

Don't call me Laowai: My life in a Beijing alley



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