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Cover Story

The big deal

Shopping still the main draw for Chinese tourists to the United States.

Ready for takeoff

A Chinese touch in hotels worldwide

Make hay from the second wave

Bring down the barriers


Durban talks run into headwind

Environment ministers from nations across the world are expected to hold further talks in Durban, South Africa, this week to end the deadlock over the Kyoto Protocol and the Green Climate Fund.


A success formula for supermarkets

In early October, 37 employees of the supermarket chain Walmart were detained and 13 local stores in Chongqing temporarily closed as a result of what was dubbed a green pork scandal. Not only that, but the CEO and the head of human resources stepped down.

Frustrated pair need to act together


Greener pastures

The oversupply of the humble cabbage reflects China's multiple choices and changing fortunes.

Getting 'naked'


The yin and the yangtze

Spectacular scenery makes cruising the Yangtze River a fantastic experience.


Great expectations

After two decades of enduring the stress and pressure of the business world, American Jim Spear decided it was time to get off the corporate treadmill.

Clicks and roses


Stories of Angel Island recounted in exhibit

The Los Angeles exhibit commemorates the 100th anniversary of the opening of Angel Island Immigration Station - often referred to as the Ellis Island of the West. Constructed in 1910 in the heart of San Francisco Bay, the first immigration station in the West processed 175,000 Chinese immigrants during its 30 years of operation before burning down in 1940.


Last Word

Hawk's eye view on foreign policy

Yan Xuetong, regarded as one of China's leading foreign policy "hawks", had again been making the headlines.