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Bulging middle

China's emerging middle class is not just important to its own economy but is also a global phenomenon.

Demystifying middle-class myths


Xi lays out his caring credentials in provincial trip

China's top leader Xi Jinping met poor villagers and migrant workers during a visit to Gansu province from Feb 2 to 5 in a move analysts said reflects the leadership's desire to mingle with the grassroots and tackle poverty.

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Pollution solutions

China's efforts to assess the problem of smog hanging over Beijing and other cities has meant business for Western providers of specialized air-monitoring equipment, and this could pick up with efforts to clear the skies.

I can breathe clearly


Food of good fortune

Spring Festival in China is a time for family gatherings, parties and food - usually lots of it.

How to pass your next taxi audition


Aiming for the A-list

China's most flamboyant designer is now looking for greater international success.


From the beginning

Birthplace of revolutionaries, artists and poets, Shaoxing has played an important role in China's history throughout the centuries.


Film's powerful portrait

A winner at Rotterdam, Huang Ji's brave and personal film Egg and Stone is one of the most auspicious debuts in recent Chinese cinema. With this film, Huang joins the rare circle of outstanding independent Chinese woman directors, including Liu Jiayin, Emily Tang, and Li Yu.


Last Word

Understanding the difference

Foreign companies will have to add more Chinese elements to their management style, if they want to cash in on the new growth opportunities in China, says Charles-Edouard Bouee, president of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Asia.