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Geared to go

China and Europe will take significant steps to bolster bilateral ties during Premier Li Keqiang's visit.

Gateway to Europe

Long-term smart solutions needed

Li gets to lay out China's vision


Why rates can stay on hold

Whenever the Chinese economy slows down, there are calls to trim the interest rate to shore up growth. So it is no surprise to see such appeals growing in recent months.

Give us respect, not patronizing gimmicks


Shipping industry feels adrift

After buoyant times, the shipping industry is experiencing that sinking feeling, with all hope of a bottoming out and rebirth having been smothered.

Shipyards battling to stay afloat

Seeing the light of reason

Sunset clauses


IN BRIEF (Page 14)

Siemens gets smart

Outbound investment continues

China demand for coal stokes world market


Eye of the beholder

Today, the Chinese idea of female beauty has taken a strong swing toward Western standards, with many young women desperate for a higher bridged nose, eyelids or a sharper chin. It's a desire that has fueled a culture of plastic surgery among the wealthy.

The art of face reading


Healing hands

When Gena Palumbo, president and founder of Children of China Pediatrics Foundation, asked him to perform operations in Harbin, in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, in 1998, David Roye, who had never visited the country before, replied he would work with her foundation on its China mission only once.

Engaging work


Tropical utopia

Lying on the Mekong River in Yunnan province, Xishuangbanna is the only tropical rainforest nature reserve in China and home to the country's last wild elephants.


Stylish Shanghai

Shanghai was established as a treaty port in the 19th century and became a major modern metropolis by the 1920s, internationally known as "the Paris of the East".


Last Word

Virtues of the state-owned firm

China's state-owned enterprises have a better ownership model than many Western firms which are often cruelly exposed to free markets, Colin Mayer believes.