Middle East

Syria to undermine 'new chapter of conspiracy'

Updated: 2011-08-01 04:50


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DAMASCUS - Syrian President Bashar Assad said Sunday that he is ultimately confident that Syria will undermine "this new chapter of conspiracy" which he said aims at " dividing the country as a prelude for dividing the entire region to conflicting states."

In an interview with Ash-Shaeb magazine to commemorate the 66th anniversary of the Syrian army's foundation, Assad said "Syria has its own characteristics that are immune to all conspiracies and conspirators."

"We are now more determined to go on with the process of dignity with confident steps ... We will let war-makers and blood traders suffer the bitterness of defeat, disappointment and frustration," he said.

Assad reasserted that his country is subject to sectarian sedition, but indicated that the Syrian people were aware to what is being intrigued against them and were able to "bury sedition."

He pledged to go on with the process of an overall reform, noting that Syria will export an example of democracy, freedom and political pluralism.

Assad reiterated that the Syrians would remain "free in our national decision and masters in our international relations."

Syria has been in unrest since mid March when anti-government protests broke out in the southern province of Daraa and spread to other cities. The Syrian authorities blamed the unrest on "armed groups and foreign conspiracy" and stressed that it would track down gunmen who have intimidated people and damaged public and private properties.


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