Obama sweats over sweaters during NY shopping stop

Updated: 2014-03-12 09:53


Obama sweats over sweaters during NY shopping stop

US President Barack Obama looks for gifts for his family with salesperson Susan Panariello after stopping off at the GAP in New York, March 11, 2014. [Photo/Agencies]

Obama then thanked Gap for raising the minimum wage for its employees and urged other companies to do the same.

"It's not only good for them and their families, it's also good for the entire economy," he said.

The president was the headliner at the two fundraisers, which are part of an effort to make sure Democrats are well funded in congressional elections in November, in which they are scrambling to retain control of the U.S. Senate.

The party that controls the White House usually loses seats in midterm elections and Republicans are optimistic they will be able to build on their majority in the House of Representatives and possibly grab control of the Senate.

The first fundraiser was a roundtable discussion for the Democratic National Committee at the home of venture capitalist Alan Patricof, a longtime supporter of Hillary Clinton. The 25 supporters in attendance contributed up to $32,400.

The second was an event for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee at the home of Blackstone Group President Tony James and his wife, Amie. Tickets for the event were $32,400. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio attended.

Standing in the dining room and speaking through a hand-held microphone, Obama urged Democrats to help.

"The fact of the matter is that Democrats are not without our flaws. We have our blind spots and we have our dogmas and we have our, you know, crazy folks. But as a whole this is a party that is serious about making sure that America is growing and offering opportunity to everybody," Obama told about 50 Democratic loyalists.