Book Review: Battling to get ahead

By Jjeffery Tie (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-09-13 08:30
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Book Review: Battling to get ahead

Trader and Shikendo instructor Jeffery Tie merges the philosophical aspects of martial arts practice with trading in the financial markets in his new book, "Aiki Trading: Trading in Harmony with the Markets". In it he applies the principles and philosophy of aiki, which means "harmony" in Japanese, to investor trading and the mindset required to become a successful trader.

The concept of aiki is best exemplified by the traditional Japanese martial art aikido. Like any other martial art, aikido promotes core values and characteristics essential for both the dedicated martial arts student and the successful trader: Discipline, tenacity, focus and commitment are necessary for both arenas.

Success in trading also requires the understanding and mastery of three critical elements, namely market understanding, money management and a winning psychology. Aiki Trading equips readers with the know-how to:

Assess the perceived strength or weakness of the prevailing market trend and then act in harmony with this understanding. By applying the principles of aiki, the successful trader can visualize himself flowing with the underlying forces that propel the market trend.

Structure a trading plan that merges the knowledge of market behavior with sound principles of risk management in order to control and manage a trader's risk.

Borrow concepts and attitudes from the realm of the martial arts to adopt a winning psychology in trading.

This book is an intriguing read for both the seasoned trader and the aspiring neophyte, offering a fascinating look at combining Eastern martial arts philosophy with trading techniques which will allow traders to overcome their greatest adversary in the markets-themselves.