Organic growth

Updated: 2013-08-24 01:05

By Xu Lin (Chinia Daily)

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Sheraton Guangzhou Huadu Resort's organic garden ensures guests get the best bites.

Sheraton Guangzhou Huadu Resort's guests can wake up in the five-star hotel's lake view villa and pick organic vegetables from the garden. These are cooked in the hotel's restaurant as they sip coffee while taking in mountain scenes in the fresh air 33 miles from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Then, guests enjoy their pickings for lunch.

The hotel's general manager Ivo Estorninho created the establishment in August 2012 by renovating a golf driving range into the 1.4-hectare Rainbow Farm. It grows 16 kinds of plants in soil and hydroponic containers, and raises 75 chickens and fish.

Organic growth

Provided to China Daily

"More and more Chinese guests have become interested in organic food," food and beverage director David Woodford explains.

"It's not just the trend, but the way people will go, because they want to have good food."

The farm's project manager Guo Xiaofeng says organic vegetables are smaller but better tasting and healthier.

"The farm is important because customers know where the food comes from," Woodford says.

"We can develop different food to cater for them. If we run out of something, we just go and pick it fresh from the land."

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