Vote on Legislation Law a step closer

Updated: 2015-03-11 20:13

By Zhang Yi(

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Vote on Legislation Law a step closer

China's top legislator Zhang Dejiang delivers a work report at a a plenary meeting of the National People's Congress' annual session in Beijing, March 8, 2014. [Photo/Xinhua]

China's top legislators have reviewed a proposed amendment to the Legislation Law and revised items regarding legislative authority, a legal procedure paving the way to a vote on the draft.

Revisions to the law were announced at the annual plenary session of the National People's Congress last Sunday where nearly 3,000 deputies discussed the revisions.

Among them, more than 920 made suggestions which are likely to help better standardize the process under which laws are made and safeguard people's rights.

Suggestions mainly targeted items relating to legislative authority on taxation and the legislative authority of all 284 cities in the country.

The legal affairs committee of the NPC discussed suggestions on Wednesday and some of its comments will be written into the draft for further deliberation among deputies this week.

Two readings of the revisions were held before the standing committee of the NPC last year. After deputies' discussions in the third reading this week, the draft is expected to be endorsed. If there are no serious disagreements, the matter will be put to a vote on Sunday.