Weirdest towns in the world

Updated: 2015-05-19 11:25


A village is overrun with felines, a dwarf city and a place where the dead outnumber the living 1,000 to 1, here is a whistle-stop tour of some of the weirdest towns in the world, according to a report by Mail Online website.

1. Aoshima, Japan

Weirdest towns in the world

Cats crowd around a woman as she carries a bag of cat food to the designated feeding place on Aoshima Island in Ehime prefecture in southern Japan, Feb 25, 2015. [Photo/IC]

An army of cats rules the remote Aoshima Island in southern Japan, curling up in abandoned houses or strutting about in a fishing village that is overrun with felines outnumbering humans six to one.

Originally introduced to deal with mice that plagued fishermen's boats, the cats stayed on - and multiplied.

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