Questions remain unresolved in the cruise ship disaster

Updated: 2015-06-08 16:23

By Ma Chi(

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Questions remain unresolved in the cruise ship disaster

Flowers are placed at a candlelight vigil to pay respects to the passengers of the sunken cruise ship, June 5. [Photo/Agencies]

3. Was the ship refurbished and if yes, what influence did it have?

According to a former staff member of the company that owns the Eastern Star, the ship was refurbished after several other vessels of the company were caught in accident.

After the ship was renovated, the Eastern Star's corridors on the two sides were transformed into windows with the original two doors on the two sides in a room reduced to one door facing the inside.

According to Liu Deyi, a former security guard on the ship, the old design was better than the new one for passengers to escape.

Besides, the fixed metal beds on the ship were changed into wooden ones which reportedly slid and blocked the door during the shipwreck.

Liu said the unfixed beds would accelerate the capsizing of the ship.