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Fun stuff you can't miss about China-US exchanges

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Economy: The evolution of American Coke

Fun stuff you can't miss about China-US exchanges

File photo shows the first batch of Coca-Cola arrived in China.

On December 13, 1978, after several rounds of negotiation Chinese and US companies signed a deal in Beijing Hotel stating US company Coca-Cola would provide production equipment to major Chinese cities and tourist areas and set up special plants to fill Coca-Cola cans and sell the products in China. Thus the US company Coca-Cola became the first foreign company to enter Chinese mainland after HK and Macau.

Chinese authorities then gradually scrapped import quota and license for foreign carbonated beverage, and Coca-Cola started its expansion in China by building new plants, bringing more of its drinks to Chinese consumers.

Fun stuff you can't miss about China-US exchanges

A businessman (L) selects products in Yiwu for sale at Christmas. Made in China gives Americans a Merry Christmas. [Photo/China Daily]

Meanwhile, various made-in-China products are pervasive in US market ranging from groceries, fresh vegetables, meat, fish, eggs and milk to clothing, shoes, kitchen ware, furniture, television and computer screens. Besides exporting goods, Chinese companies invested directly a total amount of up to $46 billion in the US, creating more than 80,000 direct jobs, between 2000 and 2014.

"As long as I have my job and the economy is upbeat, I don't give a dime to who owns the company," said an American working in a Chinese company in Carolina.

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