Singapore to attract Chinese tourists

Updated: 2011-12-08 14:01


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SINGAPORE - The Singapore Tourism Board said it has launched its customized marketing campaigns for the Chinese market on Wednesday.

It will roll out a series of differentiated marketing campaigns in the coming months targeting key markets across the region such as Australia, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The marketing campaign started with the New Discoveries campaign at the 798 Art District in Beijing, capital of China. Singapore singer Stefanie Sun shared her favorite spots in Singapore.

The Singapore Tourism Board said the marketing campaign is tailored to the needs of the Chinese tourists.

It said it found that "whilst Chinese still come on packaged tours, many are increasingly making their own online bookings and travelling as free, independent travellers. More significantly, they sought a greater depth of travel experiences that include new, unique experiences."

The new approach, which is more targeted and integrated to focus on customer needs, marks a departure from the destination marketing strategy that the board used to employ, it said.

The Singapore Tourism Board embarked on various in-market engagements with consumers and trade for an increased understanding of the consumers from these initial launch markets, said Sophia Ng, executive director for brand and marketing of the board.

"We believe that this visitor-centricity will increase the appeal and relevance of Singapore, and help build a stronger brand in the long term," she said.