Hongkong Post innovates to boost revenue

Updated: 2012-11-16 09:35

By Sophie He in Hong Kong (China Daily)

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"According to postal services' experiences in foreign countries, the traditional mail will gradually decline," she said, adding that Hongkong Post has to change and innovate to find new revenue sources.

She said recently that several post offices have used external walls for advertisement, as part of its efforts in "making good use of its own resources". It is also cooperating with the Hong Kong Design Centre, so that its mail boxes across Hong Kong are covered with advertisements from the center.

Besides, Hongkong Post will continue to deepen its cooperation with local SMEs, introduce special stamps for collectors as well as renovate its post offices with "young elements" to attract the younger generation.

During the year, Hongkong Post's operating costs increased 10.4 percent to HK$5.06 billion, of which, around HK$2.25 billion comprised staff costs.

But Chow believes that Hongkong Post still has its values, as the organization has a long history and carries precious traditional values.

She said Hongkong Post serves 2.99 million residential and business addresses across the territory; whose addresses are divided into around 1,000 "delivery beats" based on their geographical locations. Most of these beats have dedicated postmen, whose positions are designated as "life tenure", meaning a postman can choose a delivery beat and it becomes permanent for him.

"These postmen will deliver mails on the same beat everyday until they retire or get a promotion," said Chow, adding these "life tenure" postmen are very helpful and crucial especially in the remote areas of the New Territories.

She said that these postmen are usually very familiar with the districts they are responsible for, and in some cases they would know from their experience when the residents would be at home for delivery of registered mail or mail items requiring signed receipt.

"And that's why sometimes even (when) the address is vague, our experienced postmen can sometimes figure out the address and try to deliver a mail item to its recipient as far as we can," said Chow, "but we urge Hong Kong people to write clear and correct addresses on their mail."



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