Meet hybrid & electric cars in Shanghai auto show(B)

Updated: 2013-04-27 11:26

By Liu Zheng (

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Chinese carmakers are generally fans of pure electric engines. Giant Chinese carmakers SAIC Motor, BAIC Group, GAC Group together with BYD are promoting and selling electric cars.

Meet hybrid & electric cars in Shanghai auto show(B)

GAC Group's General Manager Zeng Qinghong said the route for GAC is "to start from hybrid and towards fully electric. Hybrid technology is more mature and more cost-effective."

In Shanghai and Guangzhou, customers who buy a fully electric car will get a car plate without charge and will not need to wait in the plate lottery process. Beijing, where car buyers have to wait for plate lottery, is reported to adopt this encouraging regulation this year.

Story: Hao Yan

Video: Liu Zheng

Animation: Liu Zheng

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