China cloud computing conference kicks off

Updated: 2013-06-06 14:59


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Big week for cloud computing-- IBM and Salesforce announced cloud computing acquisitions worth $4.5 billion on Tuesday, while the fifth China Cloud Calculation Conference opened in Beijing Wednesday. Its attendance list is a who’s who of technology, Microsoft, Baidu and Alibaba--to name a few.

Chinese businesses are moving to the cloud at a faster pace than ever before.

From games, banking, to 3D techniques and even government administration.

But it's not all about dull data processing.

Global software firm EMC serves clients as diverse as eBay, the New York Stock Exchange, and Qingdao's Smart city cloud platform.

Cloud computing -- may sound technical, but you probably already use it, even though you may not know it. When you save documents online, it’s on a cloud. Cloud also allows you to use software on it, without downloading it onto the PC. China’s biggest cloud -- is Aliyun -- run by e-commerce giant Alibaba.

Wang also says Ali Cloud now possesses the world's best 3D rendering computing, a technique to enhance 3D effect.

It has also help local governments move large amounts of data onto Ali Cloud.

Standing in this busy corridor of the exhibition centre, it's easy to see how active the Chinese market is. Analysts say current demand in cloud computing is stronger than supplies. This would mean whoever grasp the lion's share of this market, would most probably be the next generation of digital leader.